Atoll DAC100 Signature DAC


24b/192 kHz USB input

Optical and coax

Made in France

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The Atoll DAC100 Signature is the evolution of the 100 SE DAC and is the entry-level product of the French manufacturer’s range. However, it proposes a very complete electrical connector and a processing of audio signals in HD.


The housing is smaller than the defined standard but remains similar to Atoll’s design.

We find a beautiful front panel made of black or natural brushed aluminium, with curved edges. It is equipped with a source selector and the 7 corresponding LEDs.

At the back, the 100 Signature DAC offers 3 RCA-format SPDIF inputs, 3 optical Toslink and 1 USB.

Atoll added to these 2 coaxial and digital outputs. The analogical outputs are asymmetrical and in RCA.


When the cover is removed, there is an original Burr-Brown D/A conversion chip: the PCM 1796. It is able to deal with information in 24 bits/192 kHz! Note that the SPDIF and optical inputs can support the PCM up to 192 kHz and the USB-B can convert the PCM up to 192 kHz, and the DSD 64 and 128.

The power supply uses 2 independent transformers, one of which is reserved for analog. They are completed with 7 regulated power supplies.

The output stages with zero-feedback use discrete components. All of the audio connecting capacitors of this Atoll DAC 100 Signature are in MKP technology.


Of course, this “small” DAC cannot rival with the superb DAC300, but we find the manufacturer’s DNA.

The transparency and realism are surprising. The sound stage is precise and very clear, and the dynamic is excellent.

The bass is not the deepest one, but it is very realistic and enters perfectly in the restitution to be fully homogeneous and balanced.

The Atoll DAC100 Signature is an excellent surprise! It allows a very tight budget to significantly upgrade small network players or improve a CD player restitution.

In addition, the listening of HD files on a computer via USB is very clear. It does not have to blush at the best mid-range CD player!


Converter: BURR-BROWN PCM1796 (24B/192 Khz)

USB input: 24 bits/192kHz, DSD64 and DSD128 files

Digital inputs: 16-24bit (44.1kHz, 48kHz, 96kHz and 192kHz)

Coaxial inputs: 3

Optical inputs: 3

USB-B input: 1

Coaxial output: 1 x SPDIF

Optical output: 1 x Toslink

Analogical outputs: RCA

Dimensions: 320 x 210 x 60 mm

Weight: 2 kg

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Dac Atoll 100 signature

La livraison a ete tres rapide et l'emballage tres soigne merci Maplatine .En remplacement de mon x-dac et x-psu musical fidelity je l'ai tout d'abord ecoute sur un lecteur cd. 20 heures apres un rodage intensif un premier test sur le lecteur cd.J'ai passe mon disque fetiche Chet Baker "the last. concert 1988 2 cd harmonia mundi" , j'ai choisi la version longue de "my funny valentine" plus de 9 minutes.
Cette version enregistree en public avec la formation de Chet et l'orchestre philarmonique d'Amsterdam.Des les premieres mesure l'orchestre le piano sont magnifiques , la voix de Chet sublime on entend a chaque respiration le bruit de sa gorge qui avale sa salive.Pour sa trompette c'est la meme chose.J'ai l'impression de faire parti du public.Que de profondeur , que d'amplitude et a la fois de plenitude !!!
La dynamique est la , les timbres sont magnifiques. Pour l'usb je n'ai pas encore la connexion.Je ne peux que recommander ce dac Atoll.

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Atoll DAC100 Signature DAC

Atoll DAC100 Signature DAC


24b/192 kHz USB input

Optical and coax

Made in France

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