Audioquest CINNAMON USB cable

USB 2.0 cable specifically designed for a very high quality audio application

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Manufacturer : AUDIOQUEST

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Pioneering audio cable manufacturer Audioquest started focusing on the importance of digital audio connectors 25 years ago. The issues with an SPDIF coaxial cable are not eliminated with an HDMI or USB connector! Actually, these connectors require high speed transfers with a high rate, which multiplies the error rate and affects musical quality.

The US manufacturer has developed a range of USB cables specifically dedicated to high definition digital audio. They are designed to connect a PC to a USB DAC with best transfer quality.

Audioquest Cinnamon USB: features

This Cinnamon USB cable therefore uses high purity LGC single strand 1.25% silver-plated copper conductors. They are not welded, they are cold assembled via an electric current of several thousand amperes.

As always, the insulators are meticulously crafted and made out of polyethylene and air, for minimum energy loss and reduced distortion.

The gold-plated connectors are of high quality and provide excellent mechanical and electrical connection.

Audioquest Cinnamon USB: listening and review

This Audioquest Cinnamon USB cable will completely optimise your digital audio system.

The gain is undeniable, the sound quality is smoother and less harsh. All objective and subjective parameters have been improved.

If you want to listen to wave, flac and HD files via your DAC or want to transfer your LPs via a USB phono preamplifier in the best conditions, then Audioquest Cinnamon USB cable is the ideal option!

Highly recommended.


Conductor: Solid LGC, 1.25% silver

Insulation: High density polyethylene

Contact: cold welded

Connector: Gold-plated USB

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Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


très bon cable!

J'ai choisi ce cable en longueur de 5m et le son est excellent, branché sur mon M5SI MUSICALE FIDELITY.

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Audioquest CINNAMON USB cable

Audioquest CINNAMON USB cable

USB 2.0 cable specifically designed for a very high quality audio application

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