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Do you love music and High-Fidelity? You'll find what you need on maPlatine.com, an online shop specialised in the sale of hi-fi products.


maPlatine.com's expertise

Before maPlatine.com was founded, the website developers followed training abroad with leading brands to hone their skills in the field of High-Fidelity and, more specifically, analogue systems. They were then able to select the most interesting products for web users and the customers of their online shop.

Everyone fosters specific needs. Our team is fully aware of this and carefully examines your needs before suggesting a product. Feel free to ask for advice if you're hesitating between two items. We place our professionalism and expertise at your service.?? maPlatine.com chiefly specialises in the sale of high quality products from the most prestigious brands (REGA, Pro-Ject, VPI, etc.).


Products on maPlatine.com

Among the flagship brands of the online shop, you can find Clearaudio. It is a benchmark in terms of turntables. It is an ideal choice if you're either looking to upgrade or simply purchase a new analogue system.

Alongside the turntables, you'll find other products from the same brand, like cartridges and care products. The German brand has built the international reputation of its products on expertise.?

Looking for a timeless product like a manual turntable? You're sure to find the ideal one on maPlatine.com. Austrian manufacturer Pro-Ject has models with outstanding finishes, like the Pro-Ject Debut Esprit Carbon manual turntable. It comes in different colours: red, grey, black, white, yellow, green, blue...the choice is yours. Whatever variant you opt for, you'll love it for its technicality and design. Your turntable will ravish your ears and eyes alike and will stay with you for a long time!?


maPlatine.com advantages

With Christmas around the corner, you still don't know what to get your partner, who's a true lover of analogue sound systems. Why not surprise them and buy a stereo system? You'll find the ideal stereo system for them on maPlatine.com. Quality, reliability and design are the key words of our online shop. You'll also get many advantages. Your order will be delivered on time. Delivery is secured. You can safely pay with a free payment option in three instalments for any purchase of a value of €1,000 and above. And your equipment is checked and set up by our technicians prior to shipment to guarantee that your product is in perfect working order and ready to use.