Rotel CD11 MKII CD player

Audiophile Components

Rotel Audio Mechanics

Texas Instrument 32b/384 kHz DAC

Coaxial Output

Remote Control

MP3 Compatible

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Manufacturer : ROTEL

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The Rotel CD11 MKII CD player is based on the CD11 Tribute version, which was designed and optimized in 2019 by Ken Ishiwata (former Marantz engineer and brand ambassador).

Indeed, it retains most of the specifications and technical data.


From the outside, this CD player looks almost identical to the Rotel CD14 MKII!

In the center, there is the tray and, above it, a blue backlit display. To the left of this display is the power button, and to the right are six small push buttons providing access to the main functions.

The CD11 MKII offers a stereo RCA output, a coaxial digital output, and a Trigger connection. It’s simple, but everything essential is there.


The mechanics of the Rotel CD11 MKII have been carefully designed for audio-only use. It has been placed as low as possible in the chassis to lower the center of gravity. Additionally, this indentation stiffens the chassis and limits mechanical vibrations.

The Rotel CD11 MKII CD player received similar mechanical treatment as the Rotel A11 MKII integrated amplifier. The chassis has been reinforced with specific damping to reduce internal vibrations.

The conversion section has been entrusted to a Texas Instruments DAC, identical to the one in the Rotel CD14 CD player.

The power supply uses a toroidal power transformer. The filtering has also been modified, with new filtering capacitors and faster filtering diodes with a tight tolerance.


When listening, there are few surprises... Because Rotel is one of the few manufacturers offering such quality with a product under 500 euros!

It is very close to the CD14 in terms of dynamics and definition. Certainly, it loses some nuance and a bit of scale.

The choices made by Rotel contribute to a remarkable musicality for this price range.


Compatible with: CD, MP3 files

Total harmonic distortion: 0.009% @ 1 kHz

Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz ±0.5 dB

Signal-to-noise ratio : > 125 dB

Dynamic range: > 99 dB

Digital-to-analog converter: Texas Instruments

Channel balance: ± 0.5 dB

Channel separation: >115 dB @ 10 kHz

Digital output level (coax): 0.5 V

Line output impedance: 470 Ω

Digital output impedance (coax): 75 Ω

Remote control: yes

Power consumption: 15 W

Standby consumption: < 0.5 W

Dimensions: 430 x 98 x 314 mm

Weight: 5.8 kg

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Customer reviews


Lecteur CD de qualité

J'avais besoin d'un lecteur pour lire les CD uniquement. Ce lecteur Rotel me satisfait pleinement ; bon relief sonore et bonne musicalité pour tous les genres de musique.

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Rotel CD11 MKII CD player

Rotel CD11 MKII CD player

Audiophile Components

Rotel Audio Mechanics

Texas Instrument 32b/384 kHz DAC

Coaxial Output

Remote Control

MP3 Compatible

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