Clearaudio Verify tonearm

9” tonearm with magnetic bearing

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Manufacturer : CLEARAUDIO

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The Clearaudio Verify tonearm shares many innovative features with the other tonearms in its range, but stands out for delivering high-end performances at a highly affordable price.

Clearaudio Verify: conception

The horizontal and vertical bearing uses a magnetic system that is similar to a unipivot system, yet with better stability.

The arm tube of the Verify is crafted in carbon fibre braids. It makes it amazingly light and stiff.

The internal wires use high-end conductors that transfer the signal continuously from the cartridge to the RCA jacks.

The two-part headshell is made of aluminium.

Clearaudio Verify: adjustment

The azimuth of the headshell can be fine-tuned with a screw at its base.  

The Verify tonearm is delivered as standard with a Linn mount but is also compatible with the Clearaudio VTA-lifter, which can be used to adjust the VTA (height), even during playback. This comes with Clearaudio Concept MM and Concept MC turntables.

Clearaudio Verify: association

As with all Clearaudio tonearms, the Verify tonearm is compatible with a large range of vinyl turntables and phono cartridges


Construction: magnetic bearing tonearm

Weight: 200g

Counterweight: 130g

Cartridge: 2.5-17g

Cable resistance: 345 ohms

Cable capacitance: 136 pF

Cable inductance: 2 uH

Overhang: 17.31 mm

Total length: 302 mm

Distance between stylus and bearing: 222mm

Mount: Linn/Clearaudio

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Clearaudio Verify tonearm

Clearaudio Verify tonearm

9” tonearm with magnetic bearing

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