Bras Pro-Ject EVO 12cc Evolution

Bras Pro-Ject EVO 12cc Evolution +

12-inch straight arm

Carbon tube

Made in EU

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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

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The Pro-Ject EVO 12CC Black tonearm features a headshell and arm tube made from a single piece of carbon fiber. The carbon tube is secured by a single screw, allowing for rotation and fine-tuning of the azimuth. The arm tube has a conical profile that avoids standing wave reflections. Four stainless steel tips mounted on ABEC 7 quality ball bearings form the pivots of this inverted gimbal tonearm. The bearing housing of the arm is annular in type, with the massive outer ring open to prevent resonances.

The counterweight is damped with Sorbothane® to effectively combat unwanted resonances. The axis of the counterweight is lowered to the level of the record, reducing cantilever forces and dynamic wow during playback.

The arm base is made of solid aluminum, allowing precise adjustment of the arm height and vertical tracking angle (VTA).

The internal wiring consists of high-purity copper cables, running from the cartridge headshell to the DIN plug connectors. This connection follows the standard 5-pin configuration.

This Pro-Ject EVO 12CC Black tonearm fits turntables with a Linn standard mounting hole.

The effective length of the arm is 12" (305 mm) and its effective mass is 8.5 g. The supplied counterweights allow the use of cartridges with a mass ranging from 4 to 14 g.

The Pro-Ject EVO 12CC Black tonearm is supplied without a phono cable.


Cartridge holder: 0.5" (12.7 mm) standard

Mounting distance: 291.6 mm

Mounting: Standard Linn

Counterweight supplied: suitable for 4 and 7 g, 6 and 9 g, 8 and 12 g and 10 and 15 g cartridges

Support force range: 10 to 35 mN

Effective length: 12" (254 mm)

Effective mass: 10.5 g

Overhang: 13.2 mm

Weight: 271 g (without counterweight)

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Bras Pro-Ject EVO 12cc Evolution

Bras Pro-Ject EVO 12cc Evolution

12-inch straight arm

Carbon tube

Made in EU

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