Ortofon Cadenza Red MC cartridge

MC cartridge - High fidelity of stereo listening

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With maPlatine.com, trade in your old Ortofon MC cartridges for similar or higher end Ortofon cartridge models. 

Cadenza is Ortofon's latest range. It builds on the famous 'Kontrapunkt' range. This innovative series deserves the best technology available.

The Ortofon Cadenza Red MC cartridge is the first model of the range.

Ortofon Cadenza Red: body

To ward off resonance and vibration, the body of the Cadenza Red is made of an aluminium and stainless steel alloy. It provides perfect stiffness and enables the weight to remain acceptable.

Threaded inserts replace the unattractive nuts, also making the assembly process easier and allowing optimal mounting to the headshell.

The resultats are excellent with the Ortofon ST-70 transformer and with our reference phono preamp that load was set at 100 ohms, all associated with a tracking force at 2.4g.

Ortofon Cadenza Red: coil and stylus

Ortofon Cadenza Red may be the most affordable model, but it can be fitted with 6NX gold-plated silver coil wires and neodymium magnets.

The Nude Fine Line stylus is mounted onto a cylindrical alloy cantilever.

Ortofon Cadenza Red: listening and review

The stereo image of Cadenza Red is extensive, giving the sound stage great width and depth.

However, the instruments remain extremely precise and you can distinguish much space between the sections The dynamic range is there with powerful and expressive basses.

The tracking ability in this register is outstanding, but the most impressive remains the midrange! It is not emphasised in the manner of some cartridges.

Its timbre is superb and emanates uncommon realism and presence. It appears very neutral and this gives it incredible versatility, whether on saturated guitars, violins or brass, the result is great each time!

The treble of this MC cartridge is airy on reproduction which is not a disadvantage in itself, as it enhances the recording locations, atmospheres and natural reverberations without any sharpness.

For a low-end product, the Ortofon Cadenza Red MC cartridge 'strikes' well and you wonder what the differences will be on the three more ambitious models!


Type: Low output MC

Output: 0.45 mV

Channel separation at 1 kHz: >23 dB

Frequency response at -3 dB: 20 Hz/50 KHz

Compliance: 15 Um/Nm

Stylus: Nude Fine Line

Cantilever: Aluminium

Coils: Gold-plated OFC 6nx copper wire

Tracking force: 2.2g-2.7g

Optimum tracking force: 2.5 g

SRA: 20°

Internal impedance: 5 Ohm

Recommended load impedance: 50-500 Ohms

Body: Stainless steel and aluminium

Colour: black and red

Weight: 10.7 g

Compatibility: Medium mass tonearm

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Couplé à une RPM 10, c’est un pas en avant gigantesque par rapport à mon ancienne configuration (Technics sl 1210 et shure M44-7), j’’ai gagné sur tous les tableaux, clarté, dynamisme, musicalité, bref cela n’a rien à voir !!!!
La claque fut immédiate et j’avais du mal a croire que le rendu sonore allait encore s’améliorer une fois que la cellule serait rodé.
Sans parler de l’objet en lui même qui est magnifique.
Un grand merci à Franck pour ses conseils avisés et à l’équipe de maplatine pour leur travail impeccable.


Magnifique !

Cette cellule est remarquable ! Le bon en avant par rapport à toutes les cellules que j'ai possédé à ce jour est sans aucune comparaisons ! Vous avez fait de moi un homme HEUREUX !!! merci ... :-)

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Ortofon Cadenza Red MC cartridge

Ortofon Cadenza Red MC cartridge

MC cartridge - High fidelity of stereo listening

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