Audioquest Rocket 44 speaker cables

Speaker cable

PSC+ copper conductors


Gold-plated 500 series banana connectors

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Manufacturer : AUDIOQUEST

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The Audioquest Rocket 44 speaker cable is the mid-range speaker cable of the American manufacturer's Rocket series.


It takes up various technologies developed by Audioquest for more than 30 years, like the ones of the Type 4 among others. However, it takes profits of several technological advances about its geometry, insulators and conductors.

The Rocket 44 is built on a dual Star-Quad geometry that conserves time information while preserving the dynamic and clarity. The geometric relationship between conductors has a huge impact on the sound.

Star-Quad technology is not only far superior to parallel conductors, but also to the same conductors that would be twisted in two pairs.


Negative conductors of the Rocket 44 cable are covered by partially conductive carbon-filled polyethylene insulator. This remarkable material reduces radio waste sent to the amplifier. It also absorbs several electromagnetic disturbances.

Moreover, a carbon layer reduces the interaction between the positive and negative conductors. An external carbon-based noise dissipation system reduces external interferences.

All the conductors of this speaker cable (total of 8) are made of PSC+ single-filament copper (Solid Perfect-Surface Copper). This combination perfectly balanced removes sound hardness and significantly improves the clarity compared to OFHC, OCC or 8N coppers. High-purity PSC+ copper limits the distortion caused by grain junctions that exist in every metallic conductors.

Gold-plated 500 series banana plugs are of high quality and ensure an outstanding contact with a low electrical resistance.


The Rocket 44 speaker cable offers a subtler and defined restitution compared to its little brother, the Rocket 33. Indeed, it offers much more transparency and openness.

The space between instruments seems to be more important, which gives a wider and more structured sound stage with a superb placement.

The dynamics are enhanced and instruments timbres are more beautiful. The bass is deeper and more articulated. The balance is even more successful and neutrality is increased.

This Audioquest Rocket 44 speaker cable is an excellent speaker cable that remains affordable, but that allows take profits of the quality of a mid-range Hi-Fi system.



Conductors: PSC (Solid Perfect-Surface Copper +)

Geometry: dual Star-Quad

Positive insulator: Polyethylene

Negative insulator: Carbon-filled polyethylene

Connectors: Gold-plated 500 series banana

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Audioquest Rocket 44 speaker cables

Audioquest Rocket 44 speaker cables

Speaker cable

PSC+ copper conductors


Gold-plated 500 series banana connectors

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