HumminGuru Ultrasonic HG01 vinyl records washer machine

Ultrasonic Record Washer

Intuitive Operation

Multiple Washing Programs

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Manufacturer : HumminGuru

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The HumminGuru HG01 record washer is designed as a professional vinyl record cleaning device. Its action is done by ultrasound and offers a particularly effective result!

HumminGuru Ultrasonic HG01: Operation

Ultrasonic cleaning is an approved process that uses sound waves to create cavitation bubbles in a water bath, and does not require any contact with the record during the cleaning process.

HumminGuru uses a dual 40 kHz ultrasonic system. This 40 kHz frequency is powerful enough to remove contaminants and dust from your vinyl record without damaging it.

After the washing process, instead of manually releasing the water, the machine automatically drains all the water from the basin into the water tank, and ensures that the record is dried in a completely dry space. This automatic draining system simplifies the cleaning process and makes it very efficient.

To increase the efficiency of this process, a dual fan system is used to dry the vinyl record on both sides at the same time. The vinyl record is thus dried quickly in only 5 or 10 minutes. An air filter has been placed at the air inlet to prevent any external dust from falling back onto the vinyl record during drying.

To ensure that the vinyl record runs smoothly and rotates stably during the cleaning process, a two-point rotation system is designed to firmly support the record from the edge, while taking care not to damage it.

In case of wear, the rotation wheels can be replaced.

The HumminGuru Ultrasonic cleaner is equipped with a thermal protection that prevents the machine from overheating and damaging your vinyl records. When the water temperature reaches 55˚C, the appliance stops immediately. It will suffice to let the water cool down before resuming the operation.

HumminGuru Ultrasonic HG01: Usage

The machine is compatible with all vinyl pressing formats, 130, 160, 180 and 220g.

In Auto mode, you can choose between two cleaning times, 7 or 10 minutes. If you want to do a quick cleaning before listening to your vinyl record, choose the shortest duration. But if you have a very dirty vinyl record or a new record, it is recommended to choose the 10-minute duration for a deep cleaning. Cleaning can be enhanced by the HumminGuru The Small Bottle solution, designed to improve vinyl cleaning with the HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner.

It is also possible to clean or dry the record separately by choosing the Clean only or Dry only mode.

HumminGuru Ultrasonic HG01 is designed so that you can organize and store the power cord inside the cleaning device, under the cover.

The cleaner is compatible with 7 and 10 inch records with the addition of adapters offered as options.

The result is of course clear. The efficiency is undeniable, even if on very dirty records it does not reach the result offered by the Degritter RCM.

But at the price offered, it is difficult to make any criticism.

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Ultrasound: 40 kHz

Programs: Cleaning and Drying

Auto Mode Time: 7 or 10 minutes

Drying: Air Blast Tank: 350 mL

Noise Level: 60-70 dB

Dimensions: 34 x 15 x 27.5 cm

Weight: 3 kg

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Customer reviews



Je ne regrette pas mon achat, même si ma machine, pour ce qu’elle devrait coûter 300euros moins
Cela change le disque !


Aucun regret

Il faut dire que cela vaut le coup (et le coût ) ! En effet le son était sale. Après le nettoyage des vinyles est toujours une affaire délicate. Quand on n’a pas cet appareil, on fait les choses manuellement, les uns disent que le vinaigre blanc est idéal, les autres le jugent corrosif. Bref mes vinyles donnent un son impeccable et les crépitements sont fort rares. Je ne regrette pas mon achat, même si je me demandais si je ne faisais pas une folie. Oui se mettre au vinyle, finalement ça coûte cher, mais quel plaisir quand on a tout ce qu’il faut pour nettoyer ses disques en profondeur !


Au top !

Au top !
Tout est dit


Cette machine fait sont job

Élimine les impuretés et l’électrostatique de mes disques

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HumminGuru Ultrasonic HG01 vinyl records washer machine

HumminGuru Ultrasonic HG01 vinyl records washer machine

Ultrasonic Record Washer

Intuitive Operation

Multiple Washing Programs

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