Furutech MONZA record clamp

High-end audiophile turntable record clamp

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Manufacturer : FURUTECH

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The Furutech Monza record clamp is an ultimate accessory!

Furutech Monza: manufacture

Its outstanding build holds amazing technology. This Monza record clamp by Furutech is beautifully crafted in stainless steel and is non magnetic.

The top element is isolated by a layer of carbon fibre and the lower part includes 16 concentric grooves filled with Piezo electric damping material (ceramic and carbon powder).

These elements ward off static from the record and are complementary to the record clamp's mechanical role. In fact, carbon converts vibrations and surface oscillations into calories (heat). 

Furutech Monza: listening and review

The improvement in terms of transparency and tracking ability is quite something.

The dynamics are far superior and the bass presence is unrivalled!

The Furutech Monza record clamp is a benchmark... We have adopted it!


Positive Feedback

Audio Excellence Japan

Tone Audio - Product of the Year


High-end record clamp

Body: Non magnetic stainless steel

Top module: Carbon

Base: 16 'Piezo' concentric cushioning grooves (ceramic/carbon)


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Customer reviews


palet presseur monza

Avec ce palet le top le son c'est le jour et la nuit



le top ce palet presseur
merci maplatin.com au top

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Furutech MONZA record clamp

Furutech MONZA record clamp

High-end audiophile turntable record clamp

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