Audioquest BIG SUR interconnect cable

Audio stereo interconnect cable

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Manufacturer : AUDIOQUEST

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The Audioquest Big Sur interconnect cable is the US manufacturer's third model in the 'Bridges & Falls' range. It builds on the brand's technology and expertise.

Audioquest Big Sur (interconnect): features

The conductors are very high quality, they use a single strand perfect surface copper (PSC+).

The geometry is symmetrical, meaning that in addition to the shielding screens, the Big Sur interconnect cable uses a conductor for the positive signal and a similar one for the negative signal. They are welded onto the plugs without tin but with a cold welding process, via an electric current with a several thousand amperes!

The interconnect cable shape and the insulation are designed with a very specific expertise. The insulators are polyethylene and air based, for minimum energy loss and reduced distortion.

The RCA connectors are of excellent quality, consisting of gold-plated pure copper.

Audioquest Big Sur (interconnect): listening and review

As always with Audioquest, the sound is defined and very precise. The frequency response is wide and does justice to every register. The timbre is precise and makes the music very authentic.

Its balance helps a neutral and vibrant sound, making it compatible with many combinations. It is ideal for phono preamplifiers such as Pro-Ject Phono Tube Box, Moon 110 LP and Lehmann Audio Black Cube, as well as headphone amplifiers such as Pro-ject's Headbox DS and Rega Ear, etc.


Conductor: PSC+ (high grade single strand copper)

Insulation: Polyethylene

Geometry: Symmetry

Contact: Cold welding

Connector: Gold-plated pure copper RCA

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Audioquest BIG SUR interconnect cable

Audioquest BIG SUR interconnect cable

Audio stereo interconnect cable

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