Gigawatt PowerSync Ultra power cable

Câble d'alimentation Gigawatt LC3-EVO +

Power cable with shield

3 x 2.5mm2 conductors

99.997% pure OFHC copper

Schuko and IEC power sockets

Made in Poland

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Manufacturer : GIGAWATT

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The new Gigawatt PowerSync Ultra is the substitute and thus the evolution of the Gigawatt LC3 EVO. It embodies the manufacturer’s expertise in terms of high current connection who spared no expense during its conception. The Gigawatt PowerSync Ultra has been designed to power very high-end audio/video devices.


This power cable uses a new high-conductance conductor allowing perfect transmission without any power loss. It’s made of 99.997% pure copper (OFHC C10100, 5N). It undergoes a process enabling it to acquire a uniform structure and better conductance.

Each conductor comprises a bundle of 8 solid core conductors with a 16 AWG respective section (1.5mm²). The conductors’ large section ensures very low resistance and virtually limitless current flow. Each conductor is composed of 7 spun strands.

The conductors’ spiral geometry ensures a significant reduction of the cable inductance while preserving a high capacity of the cable, and allows to achieve natural filtering by damping a large amount of interference.


Conductors dielectric is made of high-purity polyethylene (PK90AT28). They are protected by a laminated aluminium foil static shielding.

The shielding tight construction covers 100% of the cable surface, effectively preventing any external interference, EMI and RFI noises. It prevents the appearance and spread of internal interference and returns stray currents to the ground wire.

During the conception of the Gigawatt PowerSync Ultra power cable, great attention has been paid to the reduction of vibrations originating from the induced electromagnetic field around conductors.


All conductors and the shielding are covered by an elastic damping material limiting unwanted vibrations.

Moreover, the cable is externally protected by an antistatic braid preventing parasitic load from accumulating.


This power cable is equipped with high-quality proprietary sockets, manufactured according to Gigawatt specifications.

These sockets are characterised by low impedance and rhodium plated brass contacts. They undergo cryogenic treatment and demagnetisation process before assembly.

The sockets’ housing is made of very high-quality aluminium. All conductors are connected without using tin. The bolting of plug connectors limits plug impedance and ensures exceptional reliability as well as optimum performance.


The Gigawatt PowerSync Ultra power cable possesses surprising dynamics and a stunning sense of subjective power! Bass stiffness and depth makes it fabulous. The soundstage is provided with incredible width and accuracy.

The set is defined and offers remarkable transparency without providing over exaggerated definition. It remains rather soft without adding colouration. It proposes a balanced and high-quality sound associated with stunning neutrality!

PowerSync Ultra is made for high-end audio systems. It’s able to power an amplifier, a power conditioner or a power strip connected to the whole system. It’s highly recommended for very power-hungry applications due to its large section.

A power cable worth recommending and to pair with high-quality products!

A favourite!


Conductor: 3 x 2.5mm2 multi-strands

Conductor copper: 99.997% pure OFHC copper (OFHC 5N)

Structure: 8 x 1.5mm2 strands 

Dielectric: PE

Ground: 7 strands

Maximum load: 16A

Shielding: laminated aluminium

Sheath: PVC

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Gigawatt PowerSync Ultra power cable

Gigawatt PowerSync Ultra power cable

Power cable with shield

3 x 2.5mm2 conductors

99.997% pure OFHC copper

Schuko and IEC power sockets

Made in Poland

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