Supra Mainblock SP 06 power strip

Power strip

6 sockets

Surge protection

Power cable not included

Made in Sweden

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Manufacturer : SUPRA

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The Supra Mainblock SP 06 power strip has some of the same characteristics as the Supra Mainblock MD 06 power strip. The manufacturer added to this one a protection circuit.

Supra Mainblock SP 06: protection circuit

The Supra models “SP” are all equipped with the “Supra Surge Protection” technology. This circuit protects in 3 ways the devices connected to the power strip: between phase and ground, between ground and neutral, and between phase and neutral!

The majority of manufacturers offer a protection against surges only between phase and neutral! Which, quite often, does not protect devices in case there is a strong storm.

Supra Mainblock SP 06: casing

The casing of the Supra Mainblock SP 06 is in aluminium. It is fully shielded and connected to the ground potential, which enables to eliminate internal interferences towards ground.

This method also prevents RFI waves from penetrating into the power strip if this one is connected to a wall socket (which is necessarily) put to ground.

Supra Mainblock SP 06: sockets

The Supra Mainblock SP 06 power strip consists of 6 sockets that are up to European standards compatible with Schuko plugs. Since the contact with ground is on the edge of the socket, it enables you to switch its positioning in order to plug your devices in perfect power phase.

The input connector is an IEC 320/10 amperes which enables to connect this Supra SP 06 to standard power cables. Since Supra does not deliver any power cable with this power strip, we recommend for example the Supra Lorad 2.5 Silver 10A power cable.

Five of the six sockets available have non-intrusive filtering (NIF) developed by Ben Duncan Research in the England. This high frequency non-intrusive filter is made to efficiently remove radio frequency interferences (RFI). However, unlike many filters, it does not flange the dynamics and does not limit the resolution of the system.

Supra Mainblock SP 06: listening and review

The surge protection circuit does not seem to damage the quality of the restitution.

We find all the qualities of the Supra power strips: dynamics, transparency, articulation… The restitution seems to be cleaner and quieter and, above all, it offers an efficient protection against all surges.

The Supra Mainblock SP 06 power strip is a sure value. It guarantees musicality and is very efficient.


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Maximal current: 10 amperes

Maximal voltage: 250 volts

Maximal load: 2,3 kW

Sector frequency: 50 Hz

Power supply plug: IEC-320/10 amperes

Internal cable: 2,5 mm²

Number of sockets: 6 (1 intrusive filter and 5 non-intrusive filter (NIF))

SP Surge filter: all (6)

Fuse: 10 amps amperes

Filter: non-intrusive (up to 40 dB)

Accessories: wall mounting brackets



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Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



Reçu en temps et en heure , qualité du colis irréprochable , et matériel conforme aux descriptions du site .
Merci !


Je n'y croyais pas...

J’ai acheté une barrette Supra associée à des câbles Supra Lorad 2.5. Je pensais seulement éliminer les éventuels bruits de fond liés à l’entourage
Quelle ne fut pas ma surprise de constater un son plus clair et une scène sonore plus ample.
Certes, l’investissement peut paraître onéreux pour une simple alimentation, mais outre protéger votre cher (et très cher) matériel, vous en optimisez les performances.

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Supra Mainblock SP 06 power strip

Supra Mainblock SP 06 power strip

Power strip

6 sockets

Surge protection

Power cable not included

Made in Sweden

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