Atoll PH200 phono preamplifier

MM and MC phono preamplifier


Made in France

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After the success of the Atoll PH100, our French manufacturer has enriched its range with a high-end phono preamp to accompany the products of the Signature series.

Atoll PH200: Housing

The Atoll PH200 phono preamplifier uses the housing of the Atoll DAC200 Signature. It has a brushed aluminum front panel 8 mm thick, available in black or natural aluminum. The brand's silkscreen, as well as a LED indicating power, sit in the center. The non-magnetic aluminum housing rests on 4 small spherical feet made of sorbothane. The manufacturing is of the highest order, and a phono preamplifier of over 5 kg is quite rare...

Atoll PH200: Back panel and settings

On the back of the PH200, there are 2 pairs of RCA (IN/OUT), an IEC socket, and two DIP switches (one per channel). The 4 switches per channel allow the phono preamplifieryh to be configured with the phono cartridge used. The settings remain simple and basic but essential. The load remains at 47k, and it is possible to adjust the capacitance (100 pF / 220 pF / 320 pF) and gain (40, 47, 60 dB). They will allow this phono stage to be associated with the majority of MM and MC cartridges on the market.

Atoll PH 200: Circuit

As always with Atoll, the circuit is superbly designed. The power supply is totally double mono! Power is provided by two very low-noise linear transformers of 3.5 VA each. These are associated with 4 regulated power supplies and a filtering section reaching a total capacitance of 54 400 µF. The circuit is entirely designed with discrete components and does not incorporate any coupling capacitors. The output voltage of these circuits is perfectly stable and completely filtered, which allows for a high signal-to-noise ratio and no dynamic compression. Atoll has worked extensively on the microphonic effects of components and their interaction with the very weak analog signal from an MC cartridge.

Atoll PH 100: Testing and listening

We obtained better results after 10 hours of power-on and after listening to a dozen LPs. After this break-in period, from the first measures, we find all the qualities that have made Atoll's success. The restitution is very precise and detailed, while offering a lot of nuance and subtlety. The bandwidth is particularly wide at both extremes. The top of the spectrum is clear and distortion-free. It is perfectly integrated into the mid-range which offers a very natural and realistic timbre. The bass is surprising for its impact and articulation. But it remains very nuanced and subtle when necessary.

We welcome exemplary operating silence and a remarkable signal-to-noise ratio. For those who enjoy optimization, the musicality was greatly improved with a Cardas Iridium Power power cable, and the addition of SSC Netpoint 100 supports. This Atoll PH200 phono preamplifier is another total success to be added to the credit of the French manufacturer. Its performance allows it to compete with the references of the segment. A remarkable value for money/music ratio!


Power supply: 7 VA

Total capacitance: 54 400 µF

Cartridge type: MM / MC

Input impedance: 47 kΩ

Input capacitance: 0 / 100 pF / 220 pF / 320 pF

MM gain: 40 dB

MC high-level gain: 47 dB

MC low-level gain: 60 dB

Signal-to-noise ratio at 1 kHz: 80 dB

Crosstalk at 1 kHz: <-86 dB THD: 0.05%

Dimensions: 440×295×63 mm

Weight: 5 Kg

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Atoll PH200 phono preamplifier

Atoll PH200 phono preamplifier

MM and MC phono preamplifier


Made in France

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