Grado 78E cartridge

MM cartridge dedicated to playing 78 rpm records

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Manufacturer : GRADO

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This Grado 78E cartridge is the most sophisticated cartridge offered by the manufacturer for playing 78 LPs.

As typically with Grado, this is a Moving Iron cartridge, the preferred design of the New York-based manufacturer.

Grado 78E: features

This model uses a four piece cantilever technology.

Ultra-high purity oxygen free copper wires in the coils.

The conical/spherical stylus is mounted onto a brass cantilever.

Like the entire production, the Grado 78E is assembled and tested in the company's historic production facility in Brooklyn, USA.

Grado 78E: listening and review

As always with Grado the sound quality is really impressive!

The dynamic range and sense of rhythm are the range's signature features.

It boasts very rich and precise timbres. The midranges are prevalent and very authentic.

Overall, the reproduction enhances the texture of the music.


Specialists consider the Grado 78E cartridge to be the best cartridge in the world dedicated to 78 rpm records!


Frequency response: 10hz 50khz

Principle: Moving Iron

Input load: 47K

Output: 5mv

Recommended tracking force: 2.5 g

Stylus type: Conical/spherical

Inductance: 45mH

Resistance: 475oHm

Compliance: 20 Compliance CUs

Weight: 5.5g

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Grado 78E cartridge

Grado 78E cartridge

MM cartridge dedicated to playing 78 rpm records

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