Platine vinyle Pro-Ject T2 W

T2 Series

Glass platter

Aluminum arm

Sumiko Rainier cartridge

Wi-Fi Vinyl Streaming

Made in Europe

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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

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The Pro-Ject T2 W turntable is a significant improvement over the popular Pro-Ject T1 turntable. It adds a new Wi-Fi streaming feature that allows users to stream their vinyl records to a wide range of Wi-Fi-enabled audio devices, including Hi-Fi streamers, network-connected A/V receivers, and networked speakers.

Pro-Ject T2 W: Chassis

The chassis is made of MDF and covered with a lacquered or wood veneer. It sits on four feet that help to dampen vibrations. The size of the plinth is larger than the T1 because it needs to accommodate a much longer 9-inch arm.

Pro-Ject T2 W: Motor and Drive

The platter is driven by a synchronous motor via a belt. The motor is very quiet and is damped to prevent it from transmitting vibrations to the chassis. It drives a new 10mm thick glass platter. The stainless steel spindle sits in a bronze bushing. The entire assembly is manufactured to very tight tolerances. The speed and speed change are controlled electronically via a new control board. This board generates a powerful and very stable sine wave current. Switching to 45 RPM is done via a switch on the left side of the turntable.

Pro-Ject T2 W: Tonearm and Cartridge

The new Pro-Ject tonearm has an effective length of 9 inches. Its one-piece construction gives it excellent rigidity. It also features new low-friction bearings that are adapted to the longer length and diameter of this arm, which ensures absolute precision when in use. Anti-skating is applied via a side knob. It acts mechanically on the arm via a spring. The downforce is applied by a massive, ungraduated counterweight that requires a scale for precise adjustment. The Pro-Ject T2 W is equipped with an excellent Sumiko Rainie MM cartridge (Made In Japan).

Pro-Ject T2 W: Phono Cable

It is worth noting that all Pro-Ject turntables (even entry-level models) come with a "real" phono cable, unlike many competing turntables. The Connect it E is a low-capacitance phono cable with superior shielding to standard modulation cables. The signal from a MM cartridge, and even more so from an MC cartridge, is very fragile. "Cheap" RCA cables do not provide the ideal conditions for transmitting a correct phono signal without distortion.

Pro-Ject T2 W: Phono Preamplifier

The Pro-Ject T2 W is equipped with an MM phono preamp. It is the first Hi-Fi turntable to feature Wi-Fi, and therefore streaming functionality, with universal compatibility across different platforms. The MM phono preamp has been particularly well-designed to offer the best possible performance. To select the streaming destination, you will need to use the Pro-Ject Control app. Then, simply use the Stream Control button on the side of the turntable to resume playback on the previously selected receiver.

Pro-Ject T2 W: Usage

The analog RCA output is completely separated from the Wi-Fi section. Pro-Ject took care to separate the analog from all digital sections to ensure that the analog output remains completely "pure." This fully analog output is of the highest quality, as on any other Pro-Ject turntable. It is not polluted by the digital part. The Pro-Ject T2 W enables "transparent" streaming to a wide range of modern network-enabled audio devices. To this end, the T2 W turntable uses the latest WLAN and 2×2 MIMO standards, which ensures maximum signal stability and protection against data loss. The T2 W can stream losslessly at 24 bits/48 kHz for high-end streamers. It is also capable of multi-room operation and can be connected via an Ethernet port.

Such versatility allows you to seamlessly integrate the T2 W into any living space, bringing modern lifestyle concepts to an unprecedented level of quality.


Speed: 33, 45 (electronic speed change)

Drive: belt drive with electronic speed control

Platter: 10 mm glass

Platter weight: 1.7 kg

Spindle/bearing: stainless steel in a brass bushing

Wow and flutter: 33: +/-0.19%; 45: +/-0.17%

Speed drift: 33: +/-0.6%; 45: +/-0.5%

Signal-to-noise ratio: 67dB

Tonearm: 9" straight aluminum

Effective tonearm length: 230 mm

Effective tonearm mass: 9.5 g

Overhang: 22 mm

Included accessories: Single 7" adapter, felt platter cover, phono cable, dust cover.

Power supply: 15V DC / 0.8A

Power consumption: 4.4W

Dimensions: 457 x 134 x 335 mm

Weight: 5.5kg

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Platine vinyle Pro-Ject T2 W

Platine vinyle Pro-Ject T2 W

T2 Series

Glass platter

Aluminum arm

Sumiko Rainier cartridge

Wi-Fi Vinyl Streaming

Made in Europe

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