Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO turntable

Belt drive

Platter made of heavy steel with TPE damping

Height adjustable stands

Electronic speed change

Low capacitance phono cable

Made in Europe

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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

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The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO turntable is the fifth generation of Austrian manufacturer’s bestseller. In 20 years, Pro-Ject has manufactured in Europe and sold more than a million units of this turntable worldwide!

Over the years, Pro-Ject has always improved this turntable by adapting it to new technologies and users expectations. In 2010, the Debut Carbon created the new rules of the audiophile turntable made in Europe.

Today, in 2020, Pro-Ject launches the Debut Carbon EVO and sets new markers... The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO is of course designed following the basis of the Debut Carbon, but takes advantage of several major modifications and improvements that create a large gap with its big sister.


The plinth is made of rigid MDF. It is lacquered by hand with eight layers of satin color, black, white, forest green, yellow-gold, and steel blue. It is also offered in standard finishes (piano black, red or white), but also with matt plating in walnut.

The plinth is based on 3 new strong stands made of steel damped with elastomer. They offer height adjustment to ensure perfect horizontality. The use of only three stands also improves the stability of the turntable, whatever the surface.


The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO is equipped with a new AC motor that features a suspension, thus limiting vibrations and noises in the audible spectrum.

The Debut Carbon EVO features a damping technology that comes from the high-end models from the manufacturer. It features a TPE damping (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) associated to a high-mass steel sandwich.

This motor features a new bearing with stainless steel spindle. It is powered by a DC external power supply. A circuit reconditions an alternating current with a stable frequency of 50 Hz. In addition, it has an electronic speed change that can be accessed by pressing a button curiously placed at the back of the chassis to maintain, according to the manufacturer, the "pure" style of the vinyl turntable.

The speed is electronically controlled with maximum precision, resulting in the most accurate and stable speed possible. A round section belt is provided in addition to ensure the playback of the Shellac 78 rpm. However, it must change the stylus of the cartridge and replace it by an Ortofon 2M78 stylus.


The previous metal platter offered excellent inertia thanks to its mass and thus gave very dynamic restitution. However, it still had a major resonance defect, inherent to the material used.

The new Debut Carbon EVO platter is also made of steel, but is coupled with TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomer) technology. This one totally dampens the resonances of the platter, while increasing its weight (̀1.7kg) and thus its inertia! Results in even quieter operation and less wow and flutter.

This platter is still associated to a felt platter mat.


We find the famous and performing “8.6 Carbon” tonearm from Pro-Ject. It is composed of a single carbon piece that weighs 6g. Its rigidity gives it superior neutrality and precision compared to an equivalent aluminum model.

As standard, it is offered with the Ortofon 2M Red MM cartridge.


The Debut Carbon EVO comes with a Connect It E phono cable. It is a semi-symmetrical model with low capacitance and higher shielding than competitors in this range.

Compared to other analogue or digital sources, the output signal of the turntable cartridge is very sensitive. Note that the tonearm output cables are not captive, so it is easy to upgrade the standard tonearm output cables to higher performance models, such as the manufacturer's "Connect It".

This Debut Carbon EVO is also delivered with a transparent cover.


The Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO offers a remarkable restitution for a very affordable price.

Like the previous version, this turntable is very precise and very well balanced. We notice a lower noise level than the previous version and therefore a higher transparency.

The auditory scene is surprising and seems wider and more precise than the old model. The dynamics are also higher. The bass goes lower and with a convincing articulation. Its balance and neutrality make it very versatile in terms of music style.

Moreover, its transparency and sense of detail make it as comfortable on Jazz or Blues, as it is on Classical music or Rock music. The technical and technological choices adopted by Pro-Ject on this new version of its bestseller are once again a success.

At this price, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO turntable is clearly unrivalled! Recommended without moderation!


Hi-Fi World - Outstanding - 2020

Hi-Fi Choice - Recommended - 2020

What Hi-Fi ***** - 2020

Wired - Recommends - 2020

Diapason d'Or - 2020


Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO turntable

Speeds: 33 and 45 rpm electronic, 78 rpm manual

Drive: rubber belt

Motor: Thermo plastic elastomer insulated synchronous

Platter: 300 mm/1.7 kg metal/thermo plastic elastomer

Spindle: stainless steel

Fluctuation: +/- 0.17%

Precision: +/- 0.5%

Signal-to-noise ratio: - 68 dB

Tonearm: 8.6” (218.5 mm) carbon

Overhang: 18.5 mm

Tube effective mass: 6.0 g

Tracking force: 10 - 30mN

Included accessories: Phono cable, cover, 45 rpm adapter

Cartridge: MM Ortofon 2M Red

Dimensions: 415 x 113 x 330 mm (closed cover)

Weight: 6 kg

Ortofon 2M Red MM cartridge

Type: MM

Output level: 5.5 mV

Channel separation at 1kz: 22dB

Bandwidth à -3 dB: 20 Hz / 25 kHz

Compliance: 20 Um/Nm

Stylus: Elliptical

Tracking force: 1.6g-2.0g

Best tracking force: 1.8g

Tracking angle: 20°

Internal impedance: 1.3 kOhm

Internal inductance: 700 mhz

Load resistance: 47 kHz

Load capacity: 150-300 pf

Weight: 7.2 g

Replacement stylus: Stylus 2M Red ou 2M Blue

banc d'essai - HiFi World

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Banc d'essai - Hi-Fi Choice

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Banc d'essai - What Hi-Fi

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Banc d'essai - Wired

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Banc d'essai - Diapason d'Or

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Diapason d'or


Hi-Fi Choice

Recommended - 2020

Hi-Fi World


What Hi-Fi ?



Recommends - 2020
Customer reviews
(36 reviews)

Customer reviews


Excellent son

Réception rapide en 2 jours. Je redécouvre ma collection Pink-Floyd avec un grand plaisir : le son est clair les détails ressortent ont à l'impression de pouvoir "toucher" la musique. Excellent conseil de l'équipe technique.


Le meilleur achat !

Je ne peux que recommander maplatine , qui m’a guidé à distance dans ma sélection de platine , a pris bien plus de temps que dans les magasins consultés à lyon et qui s’y connaît bien mieux. Ils m’ont même guidé pour régler le contre poids après l’avoir déréglé en installant la platine chez moi. Qualité d’écoute au rendez vous, je redécouvre toute ma collection de vinyle Soul, jazz , rock. Installation sur un ampli micromega Ia60 et enceintes Jean Marie Reynaud Folia, que du bonheur!


Laurent S

Merci à vous pour vos conseils, j'ai bien reçu ma platine quasi prête à l'emploi et je suis un audiophile heureux. Du début jusqu'à la fin nous sommes accompagnés et le résultat grâce à vous est largement au dessus de mes attentes.
Je recommande sans hésitation vos services et votre professionnalisme.
Encore merci et longue vie à ma


Au top!

Ravi! Plus préparation de la platine. Au top!

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Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO turntable

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO turntable

Belt drive

Platter made of heavy steel with TPE damping

Height adjustable stands

Electronic speed change

Low capacitance phono cable

Made in Europe

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