RPM9 Carbon manual turntable

Manual turntable

9 inch carbon tonearm

Heavy solid aluminium platter

Turntable comes without a cartridge or with Ortofon Quintet Bronze MC cartridge

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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

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After several years of well-deserved success, Pro-Ject's RPM 9 EVO turntable has been replaced. Its successor was marketed after several months of research and development by the engineering and design department of Austrian manufacturer Pro-Ject.


At first, you may think that this new turntable, the RPM9 Carbon, looks the same... Wrong! All the component parts of the RPM 9 have been changed or modified!

Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon : Tonearm and phono cable

Pro-Ject's 9cc Evo tonearm is now fitted with a 5-pin connector at the base. It is compatible with most phono cables on the market.

It is fitted as standard with the great Pro-Ject Connect It DIN 5P E phono cable.

The quality of this tonearm makes it compatible with many MM cartridges and naturally with MC cartridges.

Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon Tonearm

Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon : Plinth and platter

The chassis of the turntable is very heavy and bulky (8.5 kg). To heighten its rigidity and reduce resonance, it is coated with carbon fibre. In addition to being efficient, we cannot deny that carbon makes for great finishing and delivers a high tech design!

Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon Plinth and platter

The plinth is damped with steel bearings in strategically placed cavities.

The chassis is isolated from the surface using magnetic suspension feet.

To increase the weight and inertia, the original acrylic platter was replaced with a solid polished aluminium platter with a weight of 7.2 Kg!!! It has internal damping and a compressed vinyl coat on the surface.

The bearing is inverted and uses a ceramic ball bearing. It provides perfect rotation without any rotation noise.

Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon : Motor and drive

The system is driven by a synchronous motor that sits on a heavy and inert base.

It is associated with a frequency controller to keep the speed even and is therefore independent from the mains voltage and frequency. It features a switch to select playback speed (33 and 45 RPM).

Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon Motor and drive

Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon : Listening and test review

We paired it with a benchmark MM cartridge and a great MC cartridge to assess its balance, character and capabilities.

Pro-Ject's RPM 9 Carbon turntable caught our attention from the opening bars because of its precise and perfectly placed soundstage.

The instrument placement is perfect and clear!

You will also notice that there is a lot of space and air between the players and the instruments. The dynamics are impressive. The percussions are powerful! The music is smooth, precise and very detailed.

The quality of the bass, precise and well articulated, is also to be emphasised. There are no signs of colouration or trailing to be seen. The top of the spectrum is fine-cut and precise. The distortion is weak, with no harshness or hardness.

The choice of this Hi-Fi cartridge will easily take the turntable to new physical and melodic heights

Pro-Ject RPM 9 Carbon with Cadenza red cartridge

It makes for a perfectly balanced sound. As a result, playback is neutral and very versatile, yet vibrant and with swing. It can play any type of music without causing auditory fatigue.

With this RPM9 Carbon turntable, Pro-Ject consolidates its expertise and offers a turntable with great value for money. We could even say that for that price and service level, there is very little competition.
Well done!


Turntable: Rigid, heavy MDF plinth covered with carbon fibre
Feet: adjustable magnetic repulsion
Drive: Belt drive
Bearing: Stainless steel inverted bearing with ceramic ball
Tonearm: 9cc Evolution is crafted in a single carbon piece
Effective weight: 8.0 g
Cartridge compatibility: 5-14 g
Recommended tracking force: 1 g-3.5 g
Speed stability: +/-0.1%
Wow: +/-0.1%
Signal-to-noise ratio: -75 dB
Speed variation: Electronic (via built-in Speed box generator)
Speed: 33/45 rpm (78 optional)
Platter: 7.2 kg aluminium with vinyl compression surface.
Platter diameter: 30 cm
Motor: Synchronous 16 V, separate and independent from the turntable
Phono cable: Connect It DIN 5P E
Record clamp: Record Puck
Active consumption: 13 w
Standby consumption: 0.3 w
Power supply: DC outboard
Dimensions: 440 x 180 x 325 mm
Weight: 16.7 kg


Banc d'essai

0.27 Mo - pdf

On Top Audio 2015

0.69 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai

2.06 Mo - pdf

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Au service de la musique.

J'ai enfin sauté le pas depuis le temps que je la convoite...
Comparé à ma 1.2 avec sa Vivo red et malgré ses modifications de câblage et autre améliorations moteur, quelle baffe !
Je ne dirais pas que je redécouvre mes enregistrements, mais on va tellement plus loin, je ne pensais pas ça possible !
J'ai souvent entendu parler du "poids" des notes, de leurs extinctions, du silence entre chaque, la RPM 9 avec quintet bronze vous explique ça en musique. Ces définitions qui me paraissaient si floues sont devenues très limpides !
Le grave est impérial, physique, d’une profondeur et d’un délié c'est stupéfiant !
Ce qui me frappe le plus c’est la taille de la scène sonore en largeur et en profondeur, les sons tournants des Floyd tournent vraiment ! On les sent s'éloigner quand ils passent d'une enceinte à l'autre avec une vraie profondeur c'est vraiment surprenant. Que dire de l'hélicoptère dans The Wall qui était plus proche du "modélisme" avec mon ancienne platine...Je viens de comprendre que mon salon est vraiment trop petit pour l'accueillir...
Je peux aussi désormais dire sans hésitation si le batteur est gaucher ou droitier le charley ne joue plus au centre !!!
Les touchés de cordes et les fouets sur les peaux sont "organiques" ça sonne comme en concert. Les passages complexes ne sont plus brouillons, les attaques sont franches et presque autoritaires, aucune projection de medium et ça monte sans briller.
Que ce soit Carl Orff, Monty Alexander, Rammstein, ou bien -M-, le couple RPM 9/quintet bronze en extrait chaque information avec fidélité et avec une telle musicalité, je ne pensais pas que les vinyles renfermaient autant d'informations et que l'on pouvait obtenir une telle scène ! Vraiment elle se met au service de la musique, on écoute sans chercher, tout devient évident, elle s'efface pour notre plus grand plaisir...l’émotion !
Par contre je ne retire pas une étoile parceque le produit est vraiment irréprochable en termes de qualité et de finition mais je trouve un peu mesquin de la part de Pro-ject de remplacer le câble Pro-ject it CC vendu à l’origine avec la platine par un de la gamme E, leur entrée de gamme, compte tenu du prix de l’ensemble.

Merci Maplatine pour votre disponibilité, et vos conseils avisés.

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RPM9 Carbon manual turntable

RPM9 Carbon manual turntable

Manual turntable

9 inch carbon tonearm

Heavy solid aluminium platter

Turntable comes without a cartridge or with Ortofon Quintet Bronze MC cartridge

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