Musical Fidelity A1 intégrated amplifier


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Customer reviews


A1 exceptional Class A

I have several amplifiers but something was always missing. Having used this musical fidelity A1 amplifier for over a month, I feel confident to write that the sound is exceptionally sweet, smooth, powerfully detailed and balanced, the bass is real! compared to the m6si which is also an exceptional amplifier by musical fidelity, I found the A1 more tonally warm, focused and very forgiving of poor recordings or vinyl pressing. If you love music and want your family and friends to enjoy your sound and quit fussing over audiophile issues this is the answer.
My set up is a living room of about 30m3 that includes, Speakers focal aria 948, acoustic signature turntable, ortofon black quintet s, blusound node. Thank you Maplatine for your service and discount. Am very happy to have this amplifier as part of my collection. One love.

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Musical Fidelity A1 intégrated amplifier

Musical Fidelity A1 intégrated amplifier

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