Focal Theva N°1 bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speakers

2-way bass-reflex

89 dB sensitivity

Frequency range 58 Hz - 28 kHz

Sold in pairs

Made in France

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Manufacturer : FOCAL

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The new Theva line succeeds the Focal Chora series of speakers.

The distinguishing feature of the Theva series is its use of a new driver and a new slate-colored membrane, which the manufacturer calls "Slatefiber."

The Theva series includes three Hi-Fi speaker models: two floor-standing speakers and a bookshelf speaker. They offer a contemporary design that is quite different from the previous range.


The Focal Theva N°1 bookshelf speaker is a two-way Bass reflex speaker. The midrange and bass frequencies are reproduced by a 16.5 cm driver equipped with the Slatefiber membrane.

The Slatefiber technology, exclusive to Focal, involves the use of non-woven recycled carbon fibers, sandwiched between two layers of thermoplastic polymer. These fibers are oriented in the same direction to achieve greater rigidity and better damping. Manufactured in France using a very sophisticated industrial process, this very light membrane with a "slate" effect offers more damping and rigidity than a cellulose membrane.


The midrange/bass driver is in a Bass/Reflex configuration with a rear-firing port. This design choice reduces the size of the front panel and cabinet, making the whole unit more compact. The driver is equipped with a Slatefiber membrane made of recycled carbon fibers.

It is complemented in the high frequencies by a 25 mm TNF tweeter. This tweeter has an aluminum/magnesium (Al/Mg) alloy membrane. This technology provides less directional sound reproduction while remaining smooth and precise, with a remarkable frequency response in the high frequencies up to 28 kHz. The inverted dome also limits directivity and enhances spatialization.


The cabinet of the Focal Theva N°1 bookshelf speaker is made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF). It is covered with a synthetic lacquered black finish or a light or dark wood grain veneer imitation.

The drivers are hidden behind a magnetically attached fabric grille.


This bookshelf speaker is ideal for rooms between 10 and 20 m².

Connection to the amplifier is via a good-quality single binding post that accepts bare wire, banana plugs, or spades.

A specific stand for these Focal Theva N°1 speakers is available as an option (stands for Focal Vestia and Theva N°1 speakers). It is inclined to achieve "Time Alignment" and to obtain a more precise soundstage centered more on the listener.

However, for economic or practical reasons, they can also be placed on stands between 55 and 75 cm in height.


The sound reproduction of the Focal Theva N°1 bookshelf speaker is very balanced and remains true to the French manufacturer's DNA. It retains the neutrality and transparency of the models that have made the brand famous. The timbres provide excellent material to the instruments, contributing to the realism of the reproduction.

It delivers detailed highs, precise and balanced mids and bass, promising long hours of listening pleasure.

The presence and realism of voices and strings are particularly appreciated. This is also due to the excellent quality of the highs. They are precise, perfectly integrated with the rest of the spectrum, and offer surprising clarity and transparency.

The bass is ample for a speaker of this size and relatively expressive and dynamic.

The pair of Focal Theva N°1 bookshelf speakers offers excellent musicality with quality small integrated amplifiers! They integrate ideally into small environments and enhance listening experiences thanks to their ease of implementation.

Highly recommended!


Type : bookshelf

Principle: 2-way bass-reflex

Bass/midrange drivers: Slatefiber 16.5 cm

Tweeter: TNF inverted dome Al/Mg 25 mm

Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 89 dB

Frequency range (±3 dB): 58 Hz - 28 kHz

Low cut (-6 dB): 49 Hz

Nominal impedance: 8 Ω

Minimum impedance: 4.5 Ω

Recommended amplifier power: 25 to 120 W

Filter frequency: 3000 Hz

Dimensions: 39 x 21 x 26 cm

Weight (unit) : 7 kg

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Focal Theva N°1 bookshelf speakers

Focal Theva N°1 bookshelf speakers

Bookshelf speakers

2-way bass-reflex

89 dB sensitivity

Frequency range 58 Hz - 28 kHz

Sold in pairs

Made in France

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