Grado SR125e Hi-Fi headphones

Dynamic open-back Hi-Fi headphones

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Manufacturer : GRADO

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The Grado SR125e headphones builds on all the elements that have made the New York-based brand so popular.

Grado SR125e: design

The vintage headband design makes these headphones quite unique.

The housing is cast in PVC, sufficiently inert to generate no unwanted vibration and stiff enough to prevent mechanical distortion.

The coil wiring of the transducers uses HPLC high purity copper conductors as well as the jumper cable.

In true Grado tradition, these headphones are simple and understated. The products are hand built in the company’s Brooklyn workshop.

Grado SR125e: listening and review

In comparison with the Grado SR80, the entire spectrum seems much to open, with a fin treble and a solid, taught bass.

Everything is much more detailed and dynamic.

The timbres are very neutral and at the same time luminous without aggressiveness or audio fatigue...

The Grado SR125e headphones seems to have qualities that are often found in headphones worth double its price! Yet another success from Grado!

Just can't recommend it enough!



Sound & Vision - 1er Critics choice

Stereophile - Product of the year and best quality for money


Type: dynamic

Operating principle: Open-back

Frequency response: 20 Hz/20 kHz

SPL 1mW: 98 dB

Impedance: 32 ohms

Diaphragm: vented

Air chamber: Non resonant

Coil: HPLC (High Purity Long Crystal) copper

Cable: standard copper




Produit de l'année et meilleur rapport prix

Sound & Vision

1er Critics Choice
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Grado SR125e Hi-Fi headphones

Grado SR125e Hi-Fi headphones

Dynamic open-back Hi-Fi headphones

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