Fostex TH-909 Hi-Fi headphones

Casque Hi-Fi Fostex TH-909 +

Closed headphones

5-45 kHz frequency response

Made in Japan

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Manufacturer : FOSTEX

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The Fostex TH-909 Hi-Fi headphones are the high-end open load version of the Fostex TH-909 MK2 headphones. It has all the characteristics of the latter, improving the feeling of space and opening.


Fostex has completely redesigned the acoustic circuit and the drivers. These TH-909 headphones offer a wider dynamic range with very low distortion thanks to the use of a 50mm diameter driver, coupled with a magnet of 1.5 Tesla!

The patented "Biodyna" membrane (a mix of cellulosic and inorganic fibres) provides excellent reproduction of low frequencies and mid-ranges, but especially perfect reproduction of high frequencies.

Elegant metal grilles with a double-layered structure are used for the opening behind the speaker.

An ET-H3.0N7UB high-purity (99.99999%) OFC (oxygen-free copper) cable is included as standard. It is equipped with rhodium removable connectors, offering a perfect conductivity and an excellent resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

FOSTEX TH-909: housings

The Fostex TH-909 housings receive a finish of Japanese lacquer, made by craftsmen in the “Sa-kamoto” factory in Japan.

The ear cushions are very resistant and comfortable. They have been designed to improve the listening quality.


Its impedance of 25 ohms allows it to be associated to several devices.

However, to take advantage of all its qualities, we advise you to equip yourself with a "real" amplifier for audiophile headphones.


The restitution is very aerated and open. The definition is present on all registers. This model is among the most natural and nuanced Hi-Fi headphones we have had the chance to listen to.

It enables transparency and neutrality.

The bandwidth is impressive (5 hz-45 kHz!) by its width and linearity. We did not detect bumps or hollows in the mid-range, treble or bass.

The middle of the spectrum is present and very legible. It is perfectly integrated to the treble that offers a remarkable silky feeling.

The most surprising remains the dynamic and the low of the spectrum. The bass is very dense and physical. This TH-909 offers outstanding impact and articulation.

These new Fostex TH-909 Hi-Fi headphones are dedicated to the most demanding music lovers. Its open technology does not make it suitable for nomad use, but for high-flying listening in your living room. A

new reference in the field of high-end audio headphones!


Principle: open load

Transducers: 50 mm (cellulose)

Magnetic circuit: neodymium magnet

Conductors: 7N OFC (Oxygen Free Copper) quality

Connectors: Jack 6.35mm (Duralium)

Sensitivity: 100 dB

Impedance: 25 ohms

Frequency response: 5-45 kHz

Housings: Japanese cherrywood (Betula Grossa)

Lacquer: Urushi

Cable: Removable ET-H3.ON7UB

Cable length: 3 m

Support: ST300

Weight: 390 g (with cable)

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Fostex TH-909 Hi-Fi headphones

Fostex TH-909 Hi-Fi headphones

Closed headphones

5-45 kHz frequency response

Made in Japan

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