Grado DJ 200i cartridge

Professional cartridge for DJ, radio applications

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Manufacturer : GRADO

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Grado takes an unexpected turn: professional cartridges for DJ applications. This series is available in 2 models.

It builds on the Brooklyn-based manufacturer's expertise in cartridges, with changes dedicated to this specific use.

Grado DJ 200i: features

The cantilever is harder and stiffer for a better forward-backward use, leading to a greater tracking force (between 2 g and 5 g).

The DJ 200i comes with 4 OTL pieces and its coils are wired with an oxygen free copper conductor. It boasts the qualities of the DJ 100i cartridge. But the addition of the 4th OTL piece appears with the transients and the precision of the registers.

Grado DJ 200i: listening and review

The sound is punchier, more transparent and more authentic.

This Grado 200i DJ cartridge is subtle and is also uncompromising on the most violent and complex pieces.

A true success that will make DJs and radio hosts looking to stand out and focus on musicality and demonstrative night club effects happy.

Would recommend!


Frequency response: 10 – 50 kHz

Load: 47 kHz

Output: 5 mV

Recommended tracking force: 2-5 g

Channel separation: 30 dB

Inductance: 45 mH

Resistance: 475 Ohms

OTL piece: 4

Weight: 5.5G

Stylus type: DJ 200i stylus

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Grado DJ 200i cartridge

Grado DJ 200i cartridge

Professional cartridge for DJ, radio applications

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