Grado PS 1000e Hi-Fi headphones

Open-back dynamic Hi-Fi headphones

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The Grado PS 1000e headphones are the flagship of Grado's professional range. It builds on all the elements that have made this range and the New York-based brand so popular.

Grado PS 1000e: design

A vintage headband design makes it quite unique.

The loudspeaker chambers are manufactured from a highly dense wooden shell covered with steel. This 'hybrid' design lends it outstanding rigidity that generates no unwanted vibration and no mechanical distortion.

For those who were disheartened with the comfort of the old Grado, it must be noted that the PS 1000e is considered to be one of the most comfortable headphones on the market! Its new earpads were modelled to recreate the concert hall around your ears!

The high-end manufacturing quality is superb. The products are assembled by hand in the company’s historic Brooklyn workshop.


Grado PS 1000e: features

The amazing and exclusive 40 mm transducers have an incredible frequency response 8 Hz/35 kHz! They undergo drastic sorting and pairing.

The transducer coil wiring uses HPLC conductors as well as jumper cables, that was specially designed for this headphone 8 high purity copper conductors (High Purity Long Crystal).

Grado PS 1000e: listening and review

It must be said that this PS1000e needs a good fifty hours of breaking in for the sound quality to be perfectly uniform and that a decent preamp must be added for you to enjoy its full potential.

Irrespective of the style of music or sound level, these headphones give outstanding, energetic sound quality that is extremely coherent.

The sound stage is created perfectly before your eyes with the accuracy of the best monitoring speakers on the market.

The bass is abyssal, taught and with an incredible articulation and accuracy. The treble goes very high with an absolutely outstanding definition and no harshness.

The timbres are full and subtle, giving the channels a sumptuous recovery.

These Grado PS 1000e Hi-Fi headphones are now the incontestable industry benchmark for seasoned professionals as well as highly exacting amateur music fans. Grado’s ambition was to offer uncompromising headphones seen as the best creation of the brand and one of the best global products.

The best Grado headphones that we have listened to are also the best electrodynamic headphones that have ever covered our ears! It is also one of the rare ones to put the best electrostatic headphones into the shade.

THE benchmark!



Diapason d'Or - 2016 & 2013

Positive Feedback - The best of the Best! - 2014

What Hi-Fi - Best Buy - 2011

HiFi Choice - Editor’s Choice


Type: dynamic

Operating principle: open-back

Frequency response: 5 Hz/50 kHz

SPL 1mW: 98 dB

Impedance: 32 ohms

Diaphragm: vented

Chamber: Mahogany/Alloy

Coil: UHPLC copper (Ultra High Purity Long Crystal)

Cable: UHPLC copper (Ultra High Purity Long Crystal)

Banc d'essai - Diapason

0.15 Mo - pdf



Diapason d'or

2016 & 2013

What Hi-Fi ?


Positive Feedback


Hi-Fi Choice

Editor's Choice
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Le bonheur

Heureux possesseur de ce merveilleux casque, je réalise jour après jour qu'il ne m'a pas tout fait entendre. J'ai testé quatre amplis casque à ce jour, je cherche encore. Mais ce casque ne me fera jamais douter. Le plus petit changement dans votre chaîne peut le transcender ou le brider. Le plus difficile est de trouver le bon ampli et je compte bien sur l'équipe de pour m'y aider.

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Grado PS 1000e Hi-Fi headphones

Grado PS 1000e Hi-Fi headphones

Open-back dynamic Hi-Fi headphones

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