Roksan Radius 5 MKII vinyl turntable

Manual turntable with unipivot tonearm

Cartridge not included


The bonus: All of our vinyl turntables are set up and tested before delivery!


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The initial version of the ROKSAN Radius was already a hit in the UK and a top-selling product, much to the dismay of its competitors… It did not stop the punchy London brand from upgrading its flagship product, therefore stepping-up the finish and performances…

It features an amazing plinth and acrylic platter. The finish is outstanding and absolutely flawless! It rests on new stands that were specially designed to minimise vibrations. The rigidity of the base has also been improved. The 24 pole synchronous motor is the same, except that the isolation and power supply have been specifically optimised. Wow and rumble are significantly reduced. It also features a high precision silicone belt that contributes to improving speed stability. The mechanical parts (spindle and bearing housing) are meticulously crafted. The case hardened ball bearing at the bottom of the spindle has undergone a thermochemical treatment that involves inserting carbon into steel to harden it. After this treatment, the steel becomes extremely hard and wear-resistant.

The NIMA unipivot tonearm has also been improved in terms of bearing, its tube (10 g) is stiffer and the internal wiring includes high quality silver-plated and PTFE insulated copper conductors. Its base features an SME 5-pin connector, to upgrade its cable with a more efficient model.

We paired it with three different cartridges, namely a Goldring 2500, an Ortofon 2M Black and a Dynavector DV 20X2L … But the choice is not restrictive, we would advise using a cartridge weighing between 5 and 12 g, with a maximum tracking force of 3 g and compliance between 15 and 25 mm/N. We used the OEM cable but got great results with higher end models. From the opening bars, we could hear a flurry of details. Playback is precise, well articulated and full of melody.

This Radius truly plays music! It is very well balanced and does not specifically favour one particular part of the spectrum, it highlights the entire piece of music without projecting the vocals or over-emphasising the treble. It is not dull however, quite to the contrary! The bass lines are precise, perfectly well articulated and punchy and give perspective to the music. The sound levels are perfectly identifiable and precise, both in depth and width. Its neutrality and swing make it versatile. It works wonders on AC/DC's 'Highway to Hell' and Pergolesi's 'Sabat Mater' alike… and gave us goosebumps on Nina Simone's 'Feeling Good'. Another noteworthy feature is NIMA tonearm's amazing performance, that is perfectly compatible with the cartridge and showcases its characteristics and assets.


This ROKSAN RADIUS 5 MKII is a true revelation! Certainly one of the top two turntables in the range… and to top it all, it's a real beauty! Just can't recommend it enough!



What HIFI? : 'The best turntable in its category'


Bearing: Solid phosphor/bronze

Ball bearing: Tungstene carbide < 1 micron/2mm

Platter: 2 ultra hard aluminium pieces

Hub: 2 ultra hard aluminium pieces

Platter: 3 plinth structure (3 isolation levels)

Belt: Neoprene

Motor: synchronous 24 poles

Motor mount: single bearing

Pulley: Precision aluminium alloy (< 1 micron)

Rumble: < - 80 dB Wow:

NIMA tonearm: Unipivot 240 mm

Dimension: 450x370x115

Weight: 12 Kg


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Roksan Radius 5 MKII vinyl turntable

Roksan Radius 5 MKII vinyl turntable

Manual turntable with unipivot tonearm

Cartridge not included


The bonus: All of our vinyl turntables are set up and tested before delivery!


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