Goldring Eroica H MC Hi-Fi cartridge - Destocking

High output moving coil cartridge

No MC preamplifier required

Gyger II stylus

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The Goldring Eroica cartridge is the British manufacturer's very first MC cartridge.

Goldring Eroica H: body

It is a genuine moving coil cartridge, but to be able to offer a high output level without dramatically increasing the weight of the moving parts, Goldring has opted for powerful neodymium magnets.

The phono cartridge body owes its remarkable stiffness to the use of Pocan (PVC).

This material also minimises mechanical energy losses and reduces the weight of the cartridge to 5.5 g.

Goldring Eroica H: stylus

The stylus has an extremely complex and precise elliptical profile, 'Gyger II'. It is very similar to the original lathe and, thanks to its shape, it perfectly comes in contact with the groove, enabling amazing tracking and very low surface noise.

The aluminium cantilever has a conical design.

The stylus/cantilever assembly is fairly light, which makes it very swift.

Goldring Eroica H: compatibility

The weight, tracking force and compliance (18) make it compatible with most high-quality tonearms. It make it readily compatible with RegaPro-Ject and Linn Akito tonearms, to name a few…

This high output variant (2.5 mV/47 KOhms) make it compatible with a good quality MM phono preamplifier

Goldring Eroica H: listening and review

The Goldring Eroica H's sound quality is both very neutral and in place.

The bass is tight and very well articulated. It boasts very rich and precise timbre.

The sound stage is wide and authentic. It focuses on the melodic side of the music and is very detailed and precise.

It can also be described as very versatile as it did a great job with rock, jazz and classical music.

We consider this Goldring Eroica H Mc cartridge a complete success and it is one of our top picks in this category!


Frequency response: 20 Hz-22 kHz

Channel balance: 1 dB

Channel separation: >25 dB

Output: 2.5mV

Compliance: 18mm/N

Stylus type: Gyger II

Magnets: Neodymium

Load resistance: 47 kOhms

Load capacitance: 100-500 Pf

Internal inductance: 0.2 mH

Internal resistance: 77 ohms

Tracking force: 1.5-2.0g

Recommended tracking force: 1.7g

Weight: 5.5g


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Customer reviews


Eroica h.

Magnifique cellule bien supérieure à la cellule rega Exact.Aussi à l'aise en jazz qu'en classique même contenporain.

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Goldring Eroica H MC Hi-Fi cartridge - Destocking

Goldring Eroica H MC Hi-Fi cartridge - Destocking

High output moving coil cartridge

No MC preamplifier required

Gyger II stylus

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