Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier

Headphone amplifier
6.35mm Neutrik output
Made in France

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The Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier completes the wonderful range “My” of the French manufacturer. The Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier is a truly high end headphone amplifier that offers a remarkable restitution for this price. This headphone amplifier was manufactured for entry level and mid range (between 100 and 1500 euros) headphones. We were happy to use it with the Grado SR325e Hi-Fi headphones and the Focal Elear headphones.

The Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier uses an ultra silent switched-mode power supply which preserves the precision of the audio signal. It is compatible with every voltage and frequency of the planet! The internal circuit of the Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier automatically adjusts to all impedances above 16 Ohms and up to more than 600 Ohms! The headphone offers a Neutrik output. Its professional quality guarantees a durable and solid contact. Operational performing amplifiers LME49880 of the manufacturer National Semiconductor are in charge of the amplification. They are combined with LME49600 buffers in power package of the same manufacturer. This LME49600 is also capable of producing a voltage output of 250 mA. This value is very high for a headphone amplifier. This makes it possible to obtain a sufficient voltage of 1W with Hi-Fi headphones that have an impedance of 16 Ohms, and of course 0.5W for 32 Ohms.

The use is extremely easy thanks to an aluminium knob which enables to adjust the volume. All you have to do is connect it to an audio source or connect it to a “Tape Out” or “Record” output of your amplifier. The selected source will be directly sent to the Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier. This will enable you to listen with your headphones to your CD, streamer, or turntable. The input of the Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier offers an impedance of 1MΩ so that the soundstage of the output of the source does not overload.

This Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier only turns on when it detects that audio headphones are connected. Without any headphones connected, it automatically puts itself in standby mode. The restitution is surprising and there is an impression of magnitude regarding orchestral masses. The timbers are very beautiful and deliver an excellent neutrality. The dynamics are formidable and of great finesse when necessary. There is no sign of saturation or compression. The Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier offers a great definition and there is no background noise even when the volume is high. It seriously improves the poor quality offered by headphone outputs of integrated amplifiers of some CD players.

The Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier was made by engineers of Micromega and entirely manufactured in France. It is offered at a price that no other competitors can match for this quality. Micromega proves that it is possible to manufacture in France audio electronics of quality and at a very competitive price. Great job!

Highly recommended!



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Output impedance: ≥16 Ohms

Gain: 9,5 dB for all headphones with an impedance of ≥ 32 Ohms

THD distortion: ≤ 0,005% on all bandwidths

IMD SMPTE distortion: ≤ 0,002%

Bandwidth: 10 Hz – 150 kHz (± 0,1dB)

signal-to-noise ratio: > 113dB weighted A

Output residual noise: ≤ 5uV rms

Analogical input: RCA

Analogical output: RCA

Headphones output: 6,35 mm  Neutrik

Temporisation: when it is not in Standby, avoid interference noise

Casing: ABS textured

85-265 Vac / 50-60Hz universal Micromega integrated power supply

Consumption in standby: <100mW

Dimensions:  140 x 35 x 150 mm

Weight: 500 g

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Audio Art

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Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier

Micromega MyZic headphone amplifier

Headphone amplifier
6.35mm Neutrik output
Made in France

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