Gigawatt LC1 EVO power cable

LC-1 EVO power cable
Lengths: 1m and 1.5m

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The Gigawatt LC-1 EVO power cable is a new and improved version of the least expensive shielded power cable manufactured by the Polish manufacturer. The LC-1 MK3 was designed to power entry level and midrange audio-video systems. This high end power cable is also included and recommended to be used with Gigawatt PF-1 and PF-1e power strips.

The conductors have been modified compared to the previous version. They are manufactured out of a high conductance material, enabling a lossless flow of energy. Each conductor is made up from a body of four solid core conductors, with a respective section of 16 AWG (1,5mm²). They are manufactured out of high purity electrolytic copper. The insulation of the conductors is made out of polyethylene. The external insulation of the cable is made out of a PVC sheath, doubled by a nylon braid that is wear resistant.

The very low impedance of this Gigawatt LC-1 EVO power cable is obtained thanks to the conductor’s high cross section and the way they are connected to the plugs. This enables a reliable and powerful current flow. On the other hand, the spiral geometry of the conductors and the dielectric characteristics enable to obtain a relatively high capacitance. The whole is protected from electromagnetic interferences by a shield made out of a laminated aluminium foil. This perfectly impenetrable shield covers 100% of the surface of the power cable. The shield efficiently protects the cable against any external interferences and prevents the spread of internal interferences. This Gigawatt cable is equipped with high quality IEC and Schuko plugs. They offer a large surface contact and were de-magnetized. No solder was used to connect the conductors, as they were bolted. This guarantees a high reliability and an optimal performance.

The Gigawatt LC-1 EVO is a power cable with excellent electrical characteristics that bring an immediate and noticeable improvement to the quality of the sound. It offers a smoother and less aggressive restitution than with the original power cable. The trebles are smoother, the midrange is less “thin”, and the bottom of the spectrum seems fuller and more dynamic. The unison is more melodic, nuanced, and offers an improved clarity.

The Gigawatt LC-1 EVO power cable is a very good cable which removes the aggressiveness away from the system. Of course we recommend this power cable as it is also offered at an attractive price!


Connectors: UE (Schuko) and IEC

Line voltage: 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Maximal load (continuous): 16 A

Lengths: 1m and 1.5m

Weight: 0.70 kg

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Très bon Cable pour le prix, mais extrêmement rigide À manipuler.

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Gigawatt LC1 EVO power cable

Gigawatt LC1 EVO power cable

LC-1 EVO power cable
Lengths: 1m and 1.5m

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