Rega RB 2000 tonearm

Bras Rega RB 2000 +

High-end Rega tonearm

Factory-mounted to the RP10

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The RB 2000 tonearm is the flagship of the Rega range. It comes standard with the famous RP10 turntable.

Rega RB2000 : Ball Bearings

As with all Rega tonearms, the Rega RB2000 tonearm was built with meticulous care by a team of expert technicians.

The RB2000 uses improved ball bearings and each one of them has been carefully selected and adjusted by hand. Such care enables Rega to boast zero friction for this RB2000!

Rega RB2000 : Tube

The Rega RB2000 tonearm uses Rega's latest arm tubes.

Each one is meticulously polished (keeping the weight to a minimum) and has had a complete facelift to redistribute the weight and further reduce mechanical constraints and resonance.

This top-of-the-line tube improves its rigidity and total rigidity of the RB2000 tonearm, while reducing stress on the ball bearings.

Rega RB2000 - Tube

Rega RB2000 : Structure

The entire tonearm structure is designed to keep mechanical joints to a minimum, while using the most rigid materials in critical areas.

The tolerance of the RB 2000 tonearm is so tight that no glue is used during each manufacturing stage.

This tonearm can be paired with the best MM and MC cartridges on the market.

This product made in the UK is an absolute must!


9-inch tonearm
High accuracy assembly
Friction '0' bearing
3-point attachment

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Rega RB 2000 tonearm

Rega RB 2000 tonearm

High-end Rega tonearm

Factory-mounted to the RP10

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