PURE VINYL record cleaning product

Cleaning soap for records

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We are completely impressed by this new Canadian product! The 'PURE VINYL' is made up of elements with a high cleaning power that can dissolve contaminants that generate background noise on records. It fully removes finger marks, dust, mould, nicotine stains...in fact anything that creates unpleasant clicking and popping during playback. Note that Pure Vinyl is oil, alcohol and glycol-free. It is also compatible with 78 RPM records! You should check which material has been used to mould your records, as it has changed between 1935 and 1950, so you must make sure that the LP core is not plant-based or organic.


How to use Pure Vinyl

Pure Vinyl is a ready-to-use detergent for records. It is naturally totally safe for records and labels alike. It can be used with SpinClean or with record cleaning machines from VPI or Clearaudio for example! It can also be used manually!

We recommend filling the record grooves with Pure Vinyl. Then, using a clean natural silk or velvet brush (Clearaudio's Pure groove brush, Appolo's velvet brush, Milty's duopad, Analogis' Brush 2), apply a to and fro motion along the record grooves (to let the fluid penetrate to the bottom of the grooves to remove impurities. Then rinse off with distilled water and wipe down with a cotton cloth and put your records once dry in new anti-static sleeves

With a SpinClean, instead of using the fluid that comes with it, empty the bottle of Pure Vinyl in the tank. Top up with distilled water so that the grooves of the LP are completely submerged.


Follow the instructions for your SpinClean. You must rinse your LPs with the SpinClean, this time using distilled water. Once your LPs are clean and rinsed, rub the surface of the grooves with a cotton towel and put your dry records away in new anti-static sleeves.


With an electric cleaning machine, the procedure is the same as above. Make sure that the grooves are full of fluid, brush in both directions and remove the fluid with the vacuum tube.

Whatever method you use, the result is just amazing! We at maPlatine.com have adopted it!


Couldn't recommended it enough!


Cleaning soap for records

Volume: 500 ml

Format: Bottle  

Customer reviews
(5 reviews)

Customer reviews


Bluffant !

Vraiment étonné par ce produit qui nettoie bien au delà que d autres, essayés avant lui! Mais il faut rincer à l eau déminéralisée, ce qui demande plus de patience...



Je n'ai jamais pris vraiment soin de mes vinyls.
Résultat grésillement.....avec ce produit j'ai découvert le nettoyage des vinyls.
J'en suis tres satisfait il sonne pratiquement comme neufs.



produit un peu cher...mais très efficace. la qualité d'écoute est améliorée.
premier essai sur un vieux disque des 60's de bibliothèque municipale acheté d'occasion : tout propre en 2 mn.



Ce produit s'avère être le meilleur sur le marché et j'en ai utilisé au moins quatre, vraiment efficace. Il ne faut pas hésiter à en étaler beaucoup sur le disque et ensuite le nettoyer avec une brosse adéquate. Ensuite, il faut rincer le disque à l'eau distillée pour un meilleur résultat. Je l'utilise avec la machine Smart Matrix. Si vous achetez et écoutez des vinyls anciens (années 60/70) ce produit est indispensable pour retrouver une qualité d'écoute vraiment bonne, à condition que le disque ne soit que sale évidemment.

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PURE VINYL record cleaning product

PURE VINYL record cleaning product

Cleaning soap for records

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