USB ADL Sratos phono preamplifier

USB phono preamplifier

MM and MC compatible

Headphone amplifier

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Following the massive success of the ADL GT-40 phono preamplifier, ADL is back with the highly coveted USB ADL Stratos phono preamp!

ADL Stratos: housing

The housing is similar to its predecessor's, with a more exquisite finish.

The solid aluminium button makes for a very high end appearance. It is only available in black with silver volume.

In addition to the volume control, the front panel features a headphone jack, a Phono/Line selector, a USB/Analogue, etc.

So this STRATOS is a headphone amplifier, an MM/MC phono preamplifier, a USB phono and a USB DAC! The Hi-Fi 'Swiss army knife'?!

ADL Stratos: features

With this ADL Stratos you get the benefits of DSD (2.8 M and 5.6 M), USB (24 bits/192 kHz) and DAC.

So you can easily handle any musical source on your hard drive with outstanding digitisation and sound quality.

ADL Stratos: compatibility

The headphone amplification stage is very efficient and allows for the use of a wide range of audiophile headphones from 16 to 600 ohms!

The phono input accepts both MM cartridges (moving magnet 47 Kohms) and MC cartridges (moving coil 100 ohms). You can select one of these options using a micro switch at the back of the system).

It is compatible with OS and Windows and is ever so easy to install and use!

ADL Stratos: listening and review

As always with ADL, the sound is punchy and precise.

The balance is excellent and promotes neutrality with texture and no harshness.

The digitisation level is taken to new heights, rivalling that of professional mastering equipment.

Don't forget that you can control it with high quality headphones and use it as a high-end phono preamp.

This ADL Stratos phono preamplifier is clearly unrivalled … because simply there is no product that comprehensive with these features with such a level of quality within this price range!

Our top pick! 


Haute-Fidélité - Best buy - 2016 & 2017


Volume: Adjustable

Analogue input: RCA

Phono input: MM and MC

MM input level: 4 mV

MM resistance: 47 kOhms

MC input level: 0.4 mV

MC resistance: 100 Ohms

Phono capacitance: 100 pF

Analogue output: RCA + Jack 6.35

Digital output: USB 2.0

Headphone amplifier: 16 to 600 Ohms

USB Playback resolution: 2.0 High Speed 480 Mbps 32 bits/192 kHz DAC USB, 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 kHz 

USB Record resolution: 24-bit/192 kHz CS4392 high quality stereo DSD CAD (2.8/5.6 M) 

Driver: ASIO (Windows) and Plug'n Play (MAC) 

Analogue inputs: phono and Line

Phono preamplifier: Mobile Magnet (MM) and Moving Coil (MC)

Signal-to-noise ratio: >95 dB

Connections: Gold-plated Furutech RCA sockets

Plinth: Very high quality aluminium

Power supply: Outboard DC 15 V  

Dimensions: 150 x 141 x 57 mm.

Weight: 930 g.

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Haute Fidélité

Meilleur achat - 2016 & 2017
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USB ADL Sratos phono preamplifier

USB ADL Sratos phono preamplifier

USB phono preamplifier

MM and MC compatible

Headphone amplifier

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