Our monthly disk selection

March 2016 selection

Kanye West – The Life of Pablo (2016)

Kanye West - The Life of Pablo

I am going to put aside the megalomaniac side of the character who is constantly in the press people to only focus on the artist. I was won over by Kanye West’s last two albums as well as his LP with Jay-Z. I was more than doubtful about the release of this new opus, between the boisterous statements of its creator and the incredible (and the word is weak) expectation that ensued. And well, the result exceeds my expectations! I had to listen to it several times to truly appreciate it, but now, I listen to it over and over again (my 5 years old son is a fan!!). We feel a lot of influences that make it an album of great richness. My 3 favorites songs: the huge “Famous”, the hypnotic “FML”, and “Real Friends”, full of nostalgia.



Promise and the Monster – Feed the Fire (Bella Union/PIAS 2016)

Promise and the Monster – Feed the Fire

I discovered this group thanks to the excellent show “Regarder sous les jupes de FIP” on FIP radio station. I was simply won over by the beauty of the arrangements and the voice of the superb Billie Lindahl. A great beauty and a truly particular atmosphere emerge on this LP. Two songs to listen to in priority: “Time of the Season” and “Hunter”, which the clip is a success (I invite you to go take a look).