Audioquest Red River XLR interconnect cable

Symmetrical cable

XLR connection

PSC cooper

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Manufacturer : AUDIOQUEST

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The Red River XLR interconnect cable uses “Perfect-Surface Copper” (PSC) conductors. They have a surprisingly smooth and pure surface. An Audioquest proprietary metal processing technology protects the conductor’s surface at each manufacturing step.

This high-purity low-oxide copper is flexible and smooth. These characteristics allow it to provide very little distortion.

We can highlight the fact that Audioquest has been a pioneer in the use of superior quality copper and silver for over 35 years.

Electrical and magnetic strand-interaction in a conventional cable is the main source of distortion, as it usually produces a rather rough and blurry sound. Audioquest solid core conductors play a key role in providing clean and distortion-free reproduction.

There’s also an NDS shield (Noise-Dissipation System) preventing a large amount of radio disturbance to reach the conductors. Moreover, the shield is never used as a conductor in this configuration. There are 3 different conductors (0, signal + and signal -) and the screen.


The Red River XLR interconnect cable uses specific male and female XLR plugs. The very high-quality contact areas feature a gold plating. Inner conductors are not welded to avoid any distortion. They are crimped or “cold-welded”.

Contact quality is perfect, no matter the material used.


Connectors: Gold-plated XLR

Conductors: 3 x PSC copper

Screen: NDS

Connection: crimping

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Audioquest Red River XLR interconnect cable

Audioquest Red River XLR interconnect cable

Symmetrical cable

XLR connection

PSC cooper

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