Pro-Ject upgrade kit for suspended motor turntables

Upgrade kit for Pro-ject suspended motor turntables (DEBUT, XPRESSION, RPM ...)

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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

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This Pro-Ject upgrade kit is designed for Pro-Ject vinyl turntables with a suspended motor, and more specifically for the following models: DEBUT, 1, 2 and 3, P1, P2, X-pression, RPM3, 4, and 5, Anniversary, ART-1…

Pro-Ject upgrade kit: composition

It includes two black screws, two TPE vibration isolation bushings, a new perfectly adjusted aluminium pinion and a black silicone cylindrical belt.

It is quite simple to set up, the most difficult part is to remove the OEM pulley. A screwdriver is required for this. The one that comes with some cartridges will do the trick.

Pro-Ject upgrade kit: operating

You probably wonder how these simple parts can improve the sound of your vinyl turntable?! Actually, the OEM suspended motor generates a lot of vibrations and oscillations partly stemming from voltage fluctuations. Although they are mostly minimised with the use of a Speed Box, they can still be quite significant.

Our readings showed us that they primarily appear at 50 and 100 Hz. Many harmonies stem from these fundamental frequencies, actually placing these problems between 32 Hz and 64 Hz and 80 Hz and 120 Hz. They fall within the audible spectrum and are transmitted to the cartridge via the belt and platter.

Pro-Ject's solution is quite simple: the two bushings mechanically and acoustically isolate the turntable motor and the new pinion - adjusted to the new round belt - minimises noise and oscillations from the platter and hence the cartridge.

Pro-Ject upgrade kit: listening and review

The result on playback is in line with our readings: The sound is clearer and more textured.

The blur on the cellos has completely vanished and the tempo is a lot more vibrant.

An essential!


The pack contains:

- 2 black screws

- 2 TPE vibration isolation bushings

- 1 aluminium pinion

- 1 black silicone cylindrical belt

Customer reviews
(6 reviews)

Customer reviews


poulie / courroie

Excellent matériel de qualité, emballage soigné, très sérieux.



Commande arrivée rapidement, facile à installer
Le résultat est à la hauteur ,des petits détails apparaissent
tout est plus défini


Great Upgrade Kit

The kit is excellent, my Pro-Ject RPM 5.1 with Ortofon 2M Black and Pro-Ject Gound It DeLuxe had already enjoyed the addition of the Pro-Ject Speed ​​Box S that had greatly reduced the vibrations of the engine but with this Kit the engine body becomes mute, the vibrations transmitted are imperceptible to the touch of the engine while before they were even after the introduction of the Speed ​​Box. The most difficult part was the change of the pulley which, if you do not take precautions, could break the locking screw. The video of maPlatine is very clear and easy to install the kit. The only suggestion I would like to give is not overtight the screws, otherwise the rubber insulation effect will be reduced. In the video, in my opinion, they were too tight, I narrow them slightly less. For the results, when the vinyl allows it, I detected much more transparency and detail, with better focusing of the scene. I can I say ....absolutely recommended.
Tiziano D.N.


Attention au démontage

Je n'ai pas pu le monter! En voulant dévisser la poulie d'origine, la tête de vis a cassée... fin de partie!
Sinon, Maplatine toujours performant sur les livraisons, commandez les yeux fermés

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Pro-Ject upgrade kit for suspended motor turntables

Pro-Ject upgrade kit for suspended motor turntables

Upgrade kit for Pro-ject suspended motor turntables (DEBUT, XPRESSION, RPM ...)

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