Tri-Planar MKVII U2 'Classic' tonearm

High-end 9.8’’ dual-pivot tonearm. 

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Manufacturer : TRI-PLANAR

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The tonearm, marketed in the 60s, is now a legend. Over the past 40 years it has changed and been upgraded, following the technological advances over time. The designer has now released the seventh version. With its persistently superb design and production quality stemming from the Tri Mai production workshop in Minneapolis, it is still as amazing with its bulky . The name Tri-Planar means that it can modify three planes: vertical, lateral and azimuth tracking. This MKVII is derived from previous versions complemented with several elaborate changes: larger tube, better tube and headshell damping, ball bearings and bearing redesigned and built with a lower tolerance. Note that this tonearm is engineered for optimised VTA and azimuth adjustment.  

Playback is powerful and very punchy. The soundstage is solid and very precise. The sound quality is consistently expressive and subtle.

The bottom of the spectrum is wide, well articulated and subtle. The transient cues can be considered as the most authentic we have ever heard. The Tri-Planar has the ability to pick up the finest and most subtle details from the groove. We obtained an outstanding tonal balance with all the MC cartridges that we tried.

The tonearm is compatible with turntables, modern high-end and vintage models alike: Thorens TD 124, Technics SP10, Garrard 301…

A benchmark!


NB: It also comes as 9.8’’ SE with a carbon tube and pure silver wiring (€7,390). And as SE 12’’ (€9,690).



2002 Editor's Choice - Hi-Fi+

2002 Product of the Year - Hi-Fi+

2003 Editor's Choice - The Absolute Sound

2003 Golden Ear Award - The Absolute Sound

2014 Class A


Construction: cardan dual pivot tonearm

Tonearm weight: 11 g without the counterweight

Counterweight: 3 counterweights from 64 g – 76 g and 110 g can be added or not added

Cartridge compatibility: 4 g to 22 g

Effective length: 250 mm

Spindle/bearing distance: 233.5 mm

Overhang: 16.5 mm

Headshell: Damping and anti-resonance
Anti-skating: gradual action
Azimuth setting: Using a worm screw
Tonearm body: Damped composite material



. Three 64 g, 76 g and 110 g
counterweights. 3 sets of different diameter screws, for striking or screwing in, to fit on the tonearm
rest. Tonearm
assembly protractor. 2 hexagonal
tip screwdrivers. One alignment protractor 
. One silicon syringe for tonearm damping

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Tri-Planar MKVII U2 'Classic' tonearm

Tri-Planar MKVII U2 'Classic' tonearm

High-end 9.8’’ dual-pivot tonearm. 

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