Absolue Cable Tim-Essentiel HP speakers cables

Loudspeaker cables

Furutech Rhodium BFA connectors

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Made in France

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Manufacturer : ABSOLUE CABLE

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The French manufacturer Absolue Cable uses OFC copper multistrand conductors.

The positive and negative conductors of the Absolue Cable Tim-Essentiel HP are physically and mechanically completely separated.

When the two conductors are very close, this increases the 'capacitive effect' of the cable. The two cables behave like a small capacitor in parallel, which attenuates definition. By separating the cables, we infinitely increase the inductive effect, which theoretically has a slightly greater impact on speaker cables. This effect limits the bandwidth in the extreme treble. This is certainly what the manufacturer desires and it allows for the spectral balance of this cable.

The obtained browns are isolated by a very flexible polyethylene sheath lined with a polyester sheath. They are fitted with superb quality banana connectors provided by the Japanese manufacturer Furutech. Absolue Cable chose the Furutech FT-212 R reference banana plugs, which have the particularity of spreading out in the terminal in order to offer the best possible contact.


We find, of course, the sound signature of the brand and the balance achieved with the manufacturer's modulation cables. This one shows great accuracy with a remarkable exploration of the lower spectrum.

The most striking feature is the dynamics and the hold of the lower spectrum, associated with a present, detailed, and very realistic midrange. Absolue Cable Tim-Essentiel HP delivers a defined treble, but one that remains silky and above all without any brightness.

These Absolue Cable Tim-Essentiel HP speaker cables can easily be paired with very high-level speakers and amplifiers. Their neutrality and dynamics will work wonders with systems lacking character and precision.

Highly recommended!


Conductor: OFC multi-strand

Insulation: polyethylene

Connectors: BFA Furutech FT-212 R

Sheath: polyester

Diapason d'or - Absolue Cable

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Banc d'essai Tim-Essential

1.28 Mo - pdf

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Absolue Cable Tim-Essentiel HP speakers cables

Absolue Cable Tim-Essentiel HP speakers cables

Loudspeaker cables

Furutech Rhodium BFA connectors

Sold in pairs

Made in France

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