Transparent The Wave speaker cables

HP cables

Banana terminations

Made in USA

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Manufacturer : TRANSPARENT

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Transparent The Wave Speaker Cable

The Transparent The Wave speaker cable is the most economical speaker cable offered by the American manufacturer. Despite often being associated with cables priced as high as cars or suburban apartments, the model The Wave remains affordable, even "cheap" by Transparent's standards!


It integrates a noise-rejection circuit (box) and boasts meticulous construction and impeccable quality. Engineers at Transparent Cable believe cables can essentially act like antennas and thus limit the bandwidth at certain frequencies.

The design ensures that nothing but the audio signal passes through the cable. The conductors used are solid oxygen-free copper with a purity of 5N. Their 14 AWG diameter (2.2 mm²) does not limit bandwidth or dynamics. The twisted pair construction cancels noise and offers excellent mechanical stability.


The Transparent The Wave speaker cable is directional. Arrows indicate the direction, which is quite evident since the box should be placed on the side of the Hi-Fi speakers.

This cable is relatively flexible, and its weight remains reasonable. There will be no problem integrating it into an entry-level or mid-range Hi-Fi system.


The Transparent The Wave offers a perfect balance between smoothness, depth, detail, and transparency.

Moreover, the quality of the bass is remarkable for a Hi-Fi cable in this range. This is certainly the first quality that stands out. It is deep and perfectly controlled.

The soundstage is also noteworthy for its precision and spaciousness. Additionally, compared to a standard cable, The Wave seems to play faster and louder! It's difficult to explain, but that's the impression!

The Transparent The Wave speaker cable, paired with a Transparent The Link interconnect cable, forms a remarkably effective combination. Admittedly, you won't achieve the level of refinement found in the manufacturer's higher-end cables, but they carry the same DNA!

This The Wave speaker cable offers exceptional sound quality for its price. Highly recommended!


Type: HP cables

Termination: banana

Conductors: oxygen-free solid copper, 5N purity

Diameter: 14 AWG (2.2 mm²)

Lengths: 2 x 2.40m, 2 x 3m or 2 x 3.6m

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews


Très bon produit

Sur les conseils d'un technicien par téléphone, j'ai opté pour ces câbles hp, entre un modèle Viard de grosse section et les Transparent, les conseils ont été pertinents pour faire le choix. Mon ampli est la dernière version du Rega Elex et mes enceintes les Sonus Faber Lumina II. Avoir une bonne assise dans le grave.
Merci beaucoup !

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Transparent The Wave speaker cables

Transparent The Wave speaker cables

HP cables

Banana terminations

Made in USA

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