Cardas Clear Beyond Power Cable

Power cable

Made in USA

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Manufacturer : CARDAS

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This impressive Cardas Clear Beyond Power cable represents the American manufacturer’s best offering in this category.

It features litz wire conductors assembled with a very complex profile.  Their structure can power all commercially available amplifiers and especially those requiring huge power reserves. Conductors are individually shielded and another shielding is applied to the assembly. This Cardas Clear Beyond cable offers a very low resistance, which makes for a quick and powerful power transfer. Sockets are of excellent quality. They offer contacts made of pure copper with rhodium and silver plating.


As always with Cardas, the sound stage is deep and powerful. The bass sinks low and has incredible presence and punch. It makes the high mid and treble soft, without overwhelming the details. On the contrary, transparency and clarity are remarkable.


Recommended for all high-end systems that lack a bit of range and texture.


One of the best power cable we’ve heard in terms of value for money/musicality.



Power cable: European standard

Male socket: Shuko Europe

Female socket: IEC Rhodium-plated copper

Conductor: High purity shielded copper multi-strand Litz
Geometry: Golden Ratio, Constant Q,

Shielding: Double
Shielding: Teflon + Air

Power: 15 A

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Cardas Clear Beyond Power Cable

Cardas Clear Beyond Power Cable

Power cable

Made in USA

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