Audioquest Wind Monsoon power cable

PSC+, LGC conductor

EU Schuko power plug

IEC-C13 connector

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Manufacturer : AUDIOQUEST

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For several years, Audioquest power cables have been receiving numerous awards from the specialised press and been very popular with High-Fidelity enthusiasts. Their performance and the upgrade compared to standard power cords contributed to their success.

The Audioquest Wind Monsoon is part of the new generation of power cables from the American manufacturer’s Wind range.


This new power cable uses perfect-surface copper+ (PSC+) conductors. These are basically all PSC+ with a long-grain copper (LGC) core. This geometry allows them to considerably reduce transient intermodulation distortion (TIM). 

While many power cables have low resistance to meet high-current demand, the cable characteristic impedance is also essential to offer optimum performance.

Contrary to most cables contracting or compressing a transient, Audioquest power cables combine a low DC resistance and a ZERO characteristic impedance. It allows to provide uncompressed high-current transients.


The AudioQuest Wind Blizzard effectively reduces power line noise in the audio/video system and subjective distortion as well.

The sound reproduction seems more accurate, transparent and dynamic. We also notice less hardness and therefore decreased auditory fatigue.

Like on all Audioquest power cables, the Monsoon addition shows improved definition range and articulation across the low end of the spectrum. The reproduction is also clearer and more obvious, we notice a better articulation as well as an improved spatialisation and accuracy.

Audioquest Wind Monsoon power cable offers high-end performance. When associated with quality devices, it is able to optimise and improve drastically the system’s reproduction and overall musicality.

Our personal favourite!


Principle: grounded power cable

Conductors: perfect-surface copper+ (PSC+)

Geometry: Semi-solid concentric

Plug: EU Schuko type

Connector: IEC-C13

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Audioquest Wind Monsoon power cable

Audioquest Wind Monsoon power cable

PSC+, LGC conductor

EU Schuko power plug

IEC-C13 connector

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