Furutech e-TP80ES power distributor

Power supply box

8 sockets

Gold-plated contacts (G)

Overvoltage protection

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Manufacturer : FURUTECH

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The Furutech e-TP80ES power distribution box replaces the e-TP80, which was a reference in this range for 10 years. It is also certainly the most versatile power box we know of at this price point.


This power box is equipped with 8 Schuko outlets, gold-plated, model FI-E30(G). Its aluminum chassis is fully insulated from electromagnetic interference by its GC-303 coating.

This Furutech power filter features four unfiltered outlets, recommended for use with power amplifiers or devices with high current demands.

Two outlets are dedicated to digital devices or those using switching power supplies, and two are dedicated to preamplifiers. All these outlets are Schuko format and 24k gold-plated. They undergo a cryogenic treatment, resulting in very low resistance and reduced noise levels. Their electrical and mechanical contacts are exceptional.

Additionally, the Furutech e-TP80ES power box includes lightning protection with manual reset in case of activation.

Notably, the e-TP80ES comes with a superb Furutech power cable using silver-plated copper conductors, the G-314 Ag18.


To get the best performance from this product, it is very important to properly connect the devices in phase with the power supply.

There are several methods to determine this: the simplest is to listen in both directions and choose the one that sounds the most musical. However, the most accurate method is measurement: use a voltmeter and contact us for the procedure.


Once all devices are perfectly connected to the Furutech e-TP80ES power box, the improvement is immediately noticeable.

The sound becomes much more precise and less aggressive. The timbres become richer, and the soundstage becomes clearer, providing better readability of the different instruments.

Highly recommended!


Digital filter sockets: 2

Analog filtered sockets: 2

Non-filtered sockets: 4

Contacts: 24k gold

Electromagnetic interference absorber: GC-303 (EMI)

Treatment : Alpha Process Cryogenic

Voltage indication: LED

Case: non-magnetic

Fuse: 10 A

Power : 2500 w

Peak voltages: 6000 v

Weight: 1.9 kg

Dimensions: 400 x 130 x 60mm

Power cord: G-314 Ag18

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Furutech e-TP80ES power distributor

Furutech e-TP80ES power distributor

Power supply box

8 sockets

Gold-plated contacts (G)

Overvoltage protection

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