Naim Audio Superline MC phono preamplifier

Superline MC phono preamplifier

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Manufacturer : NAIM AUDIO

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The SUPERLINE is Naim Audio's high-end RIAA preamplifier. This product was completely designed by the Salisbury engineering team, aimed to provide the best product possible to draw all the musicality from the record's groove. The build and internal layout are quite amazing, as is the container, true to the plinth of the manufacturer's 500 range with a beautiful solid aluminium front panel. Like the StageLine, at least a Flatcap XS, HiCap or SuperCap must be added. If you have a Uniti, NAIT XS, SuperNait or NAC 152XS, 202, 282, 252, 552 preamplifier, no power supply is required. However, from experience, an outboard power supply yields far superior results. The Superline is only available for moving coil models. In the latter version, the default load resistance is 10 kOhms and capacitance is 100 pF. However, the Superline comes with seven DIN connectors (3 capacitive and 4 resistive) featuring passive components to guarantee perfect alignment with the cartridge. All you need to do is insert the connectors corresponding to the technical data of the cartridge in their respective slots. If you intend to use it with a non Naim Audio preamp, you will need a power supply and DIN 4-pin/RCA interconnect cable. When the system is wired and powered up, as with most turntables in this range, a break-in period is necessary and it can take quite a while… It takes about fifty hours for the results to be on par with the investment. And despite all the lives up to our expectations! You have all the ingredients that have made Naim Audio a legend. Playback is very punchy and makes the sound quality very vibrant. You'll be surprised to find yourself tapping your feet to the music! It conveys a feeling of great power that immediately comes through with large orchestras. The noise level is very low, which enables great transparency on playback with endless note ends. But all this spontaneity and details are not materialised to the detriment of the timbre quality and musicality that are the main asset of the Superline with amazing balance to top it all. Naturally, all these qualities are enhanced if you add a HiCap and transfigured with a SuperCap. And another Naim product makes it to the top…


Inputs: RCA, BNC

Input sensitivity: 100 uV at 500 uV, E = 200 uV at 1 mV

Gain: 64 dB, E: 48 dB

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Naim Audio Superline MC phono preamplifier

Naim Audio Superline MC phono preamplifier

Superline MC phono preamplifier

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