Aurorasound VIDA phono preamp

RIAA phono preamplifier with separate power supply

VIDA = MM and MC version

VI-6 = MM and MC version with MC loading adjustment

MC2 = VI-6 version with 2 MC inputs

XLRI = VI-6 version, MC Symmetrical input

XLRO = VI-6 version, Symmetrical output

XLRI/O = VI-6 version, MC Symmetrical Input and symmetricla output

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Manufacturer : AURORASOUND

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The Aurorasound VIDA (for Vinyl Disc Amplifier) is already up there with the legendary phono preamplifiers! And contrary to what its appearance might suggest, there is nothing vintage about it! Like many benchmark analogue products, it comes from Japan.

Aurorasound VIDA : Chassis

It features two separate housings.

Aurorasound VIDA Power supply and housing

The first one is a brushed aluminium block that accommodates the power supply. It stabilises and controls the left and right channels separately, both in voltage and current. A toroidal transformer and Shottky diodes are used. It is connected to the electronic section via a high quality locking multiple connector cable.

The RIAA section is housed in an aluminium box protected from electromagnetic interference and covered with a glossy varnished wooden box. It adds a vintage touch to the design. I personally like this choice! It makes it a distinctive product that stands out from the usually too standard competition.

Aurorasound VIDA Chassis

Aurorasound VIDA : Front panel and settings

The front panel is very comprehensive for a 'simple' phono preamplifier: to the right, an orange push button mutes the output of the audio circuits.

There are also five switching keys that respectively control: moving magnet or moving coil selection, high and low MC impedance, subwoofer filter, mono/stereo and activation of a demagnetising circuit.

Aurorasound VIDA : Connections

The rear panel features three beautiful Rhodium RCA pairs: an MM input, an MC input and an output.

The VI6 version is adorned with an additional 6-way MC variable impedance selector. It offers the choice between 12, 47, 120, 240, 470 and 1000 ohms.

The standard version accepts MCs between 0.6 and 100 ohms.

Aurorasound VIDA Connections

Aurorasound VIDA : Electronics

The internal circuits are of great quality and feature components of the same grade. We have Wima capacitors, Op Low noise amps, precision resistors and selected and paired transistors…

The most original feature is the use of two Lundhall transformers per channel. They process the RIAA curve with precision via the use of an LCR network.

Also, no capacitor is used on the audio signal.

Aurorasound VIDA : Listening and test review

Distortion and signal-to-noise ratio readings are outstanding. They match with - and sometimes exceed - the characteristics of devices worth 3 or 4 times the price of the Aurorasound Vida


Stereo Times - Most Wanted - 2014 & 2016
Stereo Sound - Best buy - 2012, 2013 & 2014/2015
Audio Accessory - Audio Excellence - 2013 & 2015
Audio Technology MJ - Technology of the Year - 2012 & 2014
Analog - Grand Prix - 2013
Hi-Fi News - Highly Commended - 2013
Hi-Fi News - Editors' Choice
Audio Annual
HiFi Critic - Recommended
Haute-Fidélité - Benchmark
Audiophile Videophile - The best Equipments of the Year - 2019/2020


Compatibility: MM and MC

MM gain: 39 dB

MC gain: 64 dB

MM impedance: 47 kOhms

MC impedance: 12, 47, 120, 240, 410, 1000 ohms

MC low impedance: 0.6 to 10 ohms

MC high impedance: 10, 100,

MM signal-to-noise-ratio: 80 dB

MC signal-to-noise ratio: 76.3 dB

Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz

RIAA correction: 10-20,000 Hz +/- 0.25 dB

Distortion: 0.025%

Vida dimensions: 26 x 10 x 30 cm

Vida weight: 3 kg

Power supply dimensions: 11.5 x 20 x 7 cm

Power supply weight: 1.4 kg

Power supply: 18 V/50 Hz

Consumption: Max 60 W

Banc d'essai

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Banc d'essai - Stereo

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Banc d'essais

3.81 Mo - pdf

Banc essai

3.81 Mo - x-download

Banc d'essai - Stereo Times

0.38 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - Le Beau Son

0.52 Mo - pdf

Banc d'essai - High Fidelity

1.11 Mo - pdf



Hi-Fi News

Highly Commended - 2013



HIFI Critic


Stereo Sound

Best Buy - 2012, 2013 & 2014/2015

Stereo Times

Most Wanted - 2014 & 2016

Hi-Fi News

Editors' Choice



Audio Accessory

Audio Excellence - 2013 & 2015


Grand Prix - 2013

Audio Technology MJ

Technology of the year - 2012 & 2014

Audio Annual

Audiophile Videophile

The best equipments of the year - 2019/2020
Customer reviews
(4 reviews)

Customer reviews


préamplificateur Vida

Avec ce préamplificateur le changement est édifiant. Plus même, je ne dirai pas que le son est meilleur, la, je redécouvre la musique. Mes vinyles n'ont pas changés, ils sont nouveaux


avis préamplificateur

Bonjour . Ce préamplificateur a boulversé mon écoute de mes vinyles
Il les sublime à un niveau on ne peu plus élevé . (ancienne chaine hi-fi - nouvelle chaine hi-fi : métaphore : passer de la Renault Clio à Rolls-Royce silver shadow )



Ce préampli phono a boulversé ma manière d’écouter la musique, tant il sonne juste, naturel, comme une évidence, boulversé tout autant le déploiement de la musique dans la pièce et surtout boulversé l’auditoire par son expressivité qui sublime chaque enregistrement jusqu’au plus modeste. Il nous entraine, nous emporte ... Je suis passé d’une chaine hifi à une chaine musiques !
Félicitations à maplatine pour cette redoutable découverte !


Une bombe

J'ai eu la possibilité d'écouter ce préampli phono exceptionnel sur mon système qui est entièrement symétrique je m'estimais assez heureux de mon précédent préampli phono ... Hé bien...le résultat m'a totalement scotché ..
La dynamique est incroyable et la lisibilité.. les scène sonore..tout est parfait.
L'appareil est entré dans mon système pour ne plus en ressortir.
Certes c'est un budget mais devant un tel résultat on peut penser que c'est un achat pour très longtemps.

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Aurorasound VIDA phono preamp

Aurorasound VIDA phono preamp

RIAA phono preamplifier with separate power supply

VIDA = MM and MC version

VI-6 = MM and MC version with MC loading adjustment

MC2 = VI-6 version with 2 MC inputs

XLRI = VI-6 version, MC Symmetrical input

XLRO = VI-6 version, Symmetrical output

XLRI/O = VI-6 version, MC Symmetrical Input and symmetricla output

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