MOON 810 LP phono preamplifier

High-end MOON 810 LP phono preamplifier

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Manufacturer : MOON

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The Canadian manufacturer has extensive experience in terms of RIAA preamplifiers. The 110LP phono preamplifier is a benchmark in the range and the great 310 LP phono preamplifier and its 320 S power supply are considered as one of the top phono preamplifiers on the market.

However, Moon don't rest on their laurels and have decided to unveil their vision of the ultimate and uncompromising phono preamplifier! The Moon Evolution 810 LP.

Moon 810 LP: chassis

The chassis is quite amazing in terms of build quality, finish, rigidity and weight. Its architecture and design are derived from the 'Evolution' range.

The front panel features a plain ON/OFF switch.

The rear panel features a pair of RCA and XLR inputs and the same for the output; a 4-pin input for an optional power supply and an IEC receptacle.

Moon 810 LP: circuit

Lift off the housing to uncover first-class build quality, layout and components. 

To the left, you will find the circuit dedicated to the audio signal. It is suspended by 5 sorbogel pins. This completely eliminates mechanical vibrations and reduces noise once the signal is cleared from microphonics. Naturally, it has a fully dual-mono architecture.

To the right, you will find a shielded compartment that accommodates a groundbreaking power supply! It is based on a four-stage circuit (M-LO-VO). It quickly and precisely supplies DC current. Its stability delivers a noise level that cannot be quantified.

Moon 810 LP: settings

The underside of the device conceals a DIP switch bank to adjust the phono preamplifier to the phono cartridge. Never had I seen such a range of adjustment options! 16 capacitance values, (0 to 1120 pF), 64 load resistor values (12.1 to 47,000 ohms) and 16 gain values between 40 and 70 dB!

You can even select between RIAA and IEC curves.

These figures will make your head spin! The signal ratio varies depending on the selected gain between 100 and 115 dB! This range of capabilities is quite unrivalled.

Moon 810 LP: listening and review

As a result, you can only admire the silence and transparency. It does justice to every single detail, the slightest harmony is brought forward!

The top of the spectrum is bright and boasts rare finesse. The mids are akin to those on some tube models. The vocals have good presence and are highly authentic, without any colouration.

The dynamics are amazing. They span across the entire spectrum with outstanding evenness and authenticity. The bass is expressive and only seems hampered by the rest of the system and possibly by the cartridge or turntable!

We've had very few opportunities to hear sub-bass with such authenticity and subtlety. Another noteworthy fact is that this Moon 810 LP phono preamplifier boasts unprecedented expression. 

The Moon 810 LP phono preamplifier definitely ranks among the top 3 or 4 phono preamplifiers currently on the market. And, as you'll have noticed, its price is far from unreasonable! The ultimate and absolute benchmark! 


The Absolute Sound - Golden Ear - 2014


Compatibility: High output MM, MC and MC

Architecture: Fully dual mono

Capacitance: 16 values 0 to 1120 pF

Resistance: 64 values from 12.1 to 47,000 ohms

Gain: 16 values from 40 to 47,000 ohms

Curves: RIAA & IEC

Inputs: XLR symmetrical RCA asymmetrical

Outputs: XLR symmetrical RCA asymmetrical

Signal-to-noise ratio: 115 dB with a gain at 40

Signal-to-noise ratio: 100 dB with a gain at 65

Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz +/- 0.1 dB

Intermodulation distortion: < 0.001%

Distortion: 0.0008%

Consumption: 10 W

Power supply: 25 vA

Filtering: 40,000 uF

Weight: 18 kg

Dimensions: 476 x 104 x 427 mm

Banc d'essai

1.18 Mo - pdf



The Absolute Sound

Golden Ear - 2014
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MOON 810 LP phono preamplifier

MOON 810 LP phono preamplifier

High-end MOON 810 LP phono preamplifier

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