Pro-Ject DAC Box S2 + DAC

Digital to analogue converter
Hi-Res Audio
Roon Tested

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Manufacturer : PRO-JECT

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Inspired by the manufacturer’s flagship DAC, the DAC Box DS2 Ultra, this Pro-Ject DAC Box S2 + is a digital to analogue converter made to meet the highest demands of the “modern” audiophile.


The natural or black aluminium brushed front panel is very simple. It only includes two push buttons: one input selector and one filter selector.

The back panel has three digital inputs: one coaxial S/PDIF, one optical Toslink, and one USB B. There is also a RCA analogue output and a mini-USB output for the external power supply (included).

Pro-Ject DAX Box S2 + - Back panel


The internal design of this Pro-Ject DAC incorporates a filter circuit limiting digital noise. Regardless of the input used, the digital filter combined with a very precise clock circuit enables the DAC Box S2 + to control the stream up to 100 femto seconds (that is 10-15)! It thus guarantees a very low jitter and an optimal signal processing.

Pro-Ject DAX Box S2 + - Circuit

The tonal balance can then be adapted to the listeners preferences thanks to the four digital filters included with the ESS Sabre ESS9038 Pro DAC chip converter.

The circuit of the DAC Box S2 + has been optimized in order to obtain the best performances possible. Thanks to the use of polymer condensers and miniMelf surface resistances, it was possible to integrate all of this technology in this very small casing.  


The Pro-Ject DAC Box S2 + supports playback for PCM files up to 32 bits/768 kHz and DSD 256 via the USB input.

This digital to analogue converter is certified Hi-Res Audio and Roon Tested. The Pro-Ject DAC Box S2 + provides a versatility and performances out of this world and never seen before in this price range.

For alternative digital sources, the Pro-Ject DAC Box S2 + also has an optical Toslink input and one  coaxial S/PDIF input. These are limited to a resolution of 24 bits/192 kHz. However, this is plenty enough for the sources concerned.


The sound restitution is excellent, even surprising, for a product of this size and a device at this price!

I am not in favour of the modification of digital files. It is true that when a digital audio file is modified, the sound restitution is with more or less success modified… And we are further and further away from Hi-Fi in the true sense of the word!

We therefore only listened to this Pro-Ject DAC without modifying the original files and the sound is balanced and precise. The bandwidth is large enough in the bottom of the spectrum to give a comfortable sound restitution and a nice depth. The midrange is a success, even though it cannot compete in terms of substance and presence with devices of superior ranges.

The Pro-Ject DAC Box S2 + is an excellent digital to analogue converter which will perfectly fit in small and medium Hi-Fi systems of quality.


Coaxial Digital input: 1 x S/PDIF
Optical digital input: 1 x Toslink
USB digital input: 1 x USB B
Converter: 1 x ESS9038Q2M 32 bits PCM 768kHz / DSD512
Sampling rate: 32 / 44,1 / 48 / 88,2 / 96 / 176,2 / 192 / 352,8 / 384/768 kHz
DSD support: DSD64, DSD128, DSD256
Filter settings: 5 different selectable on front panel
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz
Analogue output:1 x RCA
Output voltage: 2.05 Veff
THD: 0.0007%
Dynamic range: 120 dBA
Power supply: 5V, micro USB
Dimensions (W x H x D): 103 x 37 x 111 mm
Weight: 360g without power supply

Customer reviews
(2 reviews)

Customer reviews


Perfect little DAC

Connected it to my computer using a USB C to USB B cable, and paired with my Head Box S2 looks great and sounds fantastic (using 24bits/192kHz on W11). The 5 filters are also a nice addition to fine tune the sound how you like it. Deffinitely worth the higher price for higher quality.


Petit mais impressionnant

Ce tout petit DAC fait très bien son travail de conversion numérique. Je dois dire que le son qu'il procure est très correct, fluidité et dynamique , c'est très surprenant. Il n'y pas de dureté à l'écoute et le niveau de sortie est très élevé, comparable à celui d'un lecteur CD. Petite bizarrerie à signaler au niveau du mode d'emploi et des entrées du DAC. Soit il y erreur sur le mode d’emploi ou l’appareil a évolué, en effet l'entrée USB est repérée 3 au lieu de 1 sur le mode d'emploi. En résumé les entrés sont inversées. Sinon rien à dire sur la qualité de cet appareil, toujours au top chez Pro-Ject.

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Pro-Ject DAC Box S2 + DAC

Pro-Ject DAC Box S2 + DAC

Digital to analogue converter
Hi-Res Audio
Roon Tested

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