Goldring 1022 GX Hi-Fi MM Cartridge

Moving magnet MM cartridge

Vital PH stylus

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Goldring's 1000 series has persistently been popular among music lovers and audiophiles for over 30 years.

The Goldring 1022 GX MM cartridge is turning 30 and has not aged one bit! It is made up of highly efficient components.

Goldring 1022 GX: features

The stylus has a super elliptical profile that is quite complex: the Vital Ph. It delivers a crystal-clear treble with an unparalleled clarity.

Tracking is very precise, which minimises surface noise, as well as a very low distortion.

As always, Goldring uses very powerful magnets that provide this 1022 GX with a very high sensitivity and output level, over 6 mV!

Goldring 1022 GX: listening and review

A minimum break-in period of 30 hours is recommended before this MM cartridge really performs to its best.

Indeed, during the first hours, the treble is slightly too present. Everything eventually falls into place!

The mids are rich and open, allowing the music to breathe. The bass is deep with a lot of perspective and depth.

The sound stage is very authentic, there are no negative points. Note that the various sections are distinctive, with a lot of openness between them.

With this 1022GX, we find the dynamic qualities that are specific to Goldring cartridges. Transients are incredibly short. The Jazz drum solos are punchy and amazingly authentic.

This Goldring 1022 GX MM cartridge is great with rock and blues as it adds a highly communicative swing and punch…


Frequency response +/-3dB: 20 Hz-20 kHz

Channel balance: 2 dB

Channel separation: 25 dB

Output: 6.5mV

Compliance: 16 mm/N

Stylus type: Vital PH

Stylus: D22GX

Load resistance: 47k

Load capacitance: 150-200 Pf

Internal inductance: 570 mH

Internal resistance: 660 Ohms

Tracking force: 1.5-2.0 g

Recommended tracking force: 1.75g

Weight: 6.3g

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Goldring 1022 GX Hi-Fi MM Cartridge

Goldring 1022 GX Hi-Fi MM Cartridge

Moving magnet MM cartridge

Vital PH stylus

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