Sumiko Pearl MM cartridge

MM cartridge

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Manufacturer : SUMIKO

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Designed on the basis of the Black Pearl, the elliptical stylus is finer, the coils are better quality with a more flexible suspension. This gives it a better frequency response, a superior dynamic range and better gain. Like all other Sumiko, timbre comes first and transparency only second. However, definition is excellent and the overall balance remarkable for a Hi-Fi cartridge at this price range. We would especially recommend it for classical, acoustic, folk or jazz music, rather than for shaking the walls with the latest Slipknot record! Its weight combined with its compliance and tracking force make it readily compatible with the majority of light and medium weight tonearms. 


An excellent, expertly designed moving magnet cartridge which is a clear alternative to Ortofon, Goldring or Grado cartridges.

Would recommend!


Moving magnet (MM) cartridge) with alloy cantilever

Bonded elliptical stylus

Frequency response: 12 Hz-30 kHz

Output 3.5 mv

Channel separation: 30 dB

Channel balance: 0.5 dB

Compliance: 15(x10-6cm/dyne)

Stylus: 0.2x.8/ ELLIPTICAL

Load impedance: 47 kOhms

Tracking force range: 1.5/2.0 grams

Recommended tracking force: 2.0 grams

Total cartridge weight: 6.0 grams

Customer reviews
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Customer reviews



En remplacement de ma Grado de moyenne gamme, il faut dire, j'ai choisi cette cellule, et belle surprise !! Ma bonne "vieille "Thorens TD 1126 MKIII est transformé redécouvre mes vinyles...basses profondes, instruments bien détachés..bref, un plaisir nouveau retrouvé à l'écoute...
Excellent rapport, qualité, prix..vraiment une cellule que je recommande et sans se ruiner en plus !!



Je cherchais une cellule capable de donner de bonnes basses sans pour autant négliger le medium aigu, ce que la Grado gold ne me donnait pas.
J ai hésité avec la point 2 et ne regrette pas d avoir pris la moins chere, ma platine ne justifiant pas plus. Je suis très satisfait.


Trés satisfait ! cette cellule est musicale, précise et dynamique . Je redécouvre ma discothèque sur ma Thorens TD 318 ! merci, A bientôt !

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Sumiko Pearl MM cartridge

Sumiko Pearl MM cartridge

MM cartridge

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