Acoustic Signature PRIMUS turntable with RB 202 tonearm

Manual turntable
Aluminium platter 4.5 kg
33 and 45 RPM
Ortofon 2M Red cartridge
Made in Germany

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Acoustic Signature's Primus RB 202 turntable is the entry-level model of the prestigious German manufacturer. However, it was designed to meet the expectations of audiophiles with exacting standards and deliver amazing performances, far superior to other competitor products. The manufacturer therefore discarded any superfluous gadgets, focusing on the build quality of key mechanical parts.

The Primus turntable comprises a base that combines a sandwich of MDF and multi-layer wood covered with a thick coat of black varnish. This guarantees perfect rigidity and wards off mechanical vibration. A specific spindle/bearing sits in the centre, designed by Acoustic Signature via the 'Tidorfolon' patent. It is self-lubricated and adjusted to the nearest micron! The ball bearing provides a very low friction level and has a very long life. It is in fact covered by a 10-year warranty! It has a beautiful aluminium platter, digitally machined from a 24 mm thick piece of soft aluminium. To improve its resonance behaviour, its underside is coated with a material with very high damping properties. This is definitely the heaviest platter in this price range: over 4.5 kg! It is topped with a custom leather platter mat and fully optimised for their vinyl turntables.

It is driven by a new DC motor associated with a high-end controller. It delivers perfect stability and speed precision and features a 33 and 45 electronic speed control. The motor is powered by an external DC PSU.

For this variant, and for financial reasons, Acoustic Signature opted for a British tonearm model for the Primus! It is a modified and rewired Rega RB 202 tonearm. It comes factory-fitted with Ortofon's 2M Red cartridge. As a result, the product boasts unrivalled capabilities for the price and is compatible with many phono cartridges. The phono cable is not captive and can be replaced, though the OEM cable is of great build quality.

Playback is amazing on many accounts! It features the precision and uncompromising quality of German vinyl turntables, yet with more texture and warmth than its competitors. The bass is beautiful and so articulate that you would think that this Acoustic Signature Primus turntable with RB 202 tonearm actually belongs to a different range. The dynamics are amazing and the soundstage is very stable. The mids are present, without any harshness or distortion. The treble is also perfectly in place within the spectrum, without any over-brightness. It delivers a perfectly well balanced sound and truly does justice to the music!

This is a great turntable with amazing capabilities and build quality! Couldn't recommend it enough!


Motor: DC

Power supply: external DC

Spindle/bearing: High precision Tidorfolon

Chassis: 30 mm of MDF/Chipwood/glossy PVC sandwich

Platter: 24 mm thick aluminium/ 4.5kg

Platter mat: leather

Speeds: 33 and 45 rpm

Tonearm: RB 202

Weight: 8.5 kg

Finish: glossy black

Banc d'essai - On Mag

0.68 Mo - pdf

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Acoustic Signature PRIMUS turntable with RB 202 tonearm

Acoustic Signature PRIMUS turntable with RB 202 tonearm

Manual turntable
Aluminium platter 4.5 kg
33 and 45 RPM
Ortofon 2M Red cartridge
Made in Germany

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