Kuzma STABI S turntable

Manual turntable
Bronze finish
Separate motor
Unipivot tonearm
Cartridge not included

Available in two versions:
- With 9 inches tonearm and dustcover included
- With 12 inches tonearm and dustcover not included

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Manufacturer : KUZMA

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The Stabi S turntable is the entry-level turntable of the Slovenian manufacturer! However, it boasts a musicality that rivals with more pretentious models. When paired with the great Stogi S unipivot tonearm, the latest version is geared up to compete with European and American models!

Its design relies on new mechanical foundations. It is a far cry from the rectangular MDF turntable! In fact the plinth has been replaced by a solid bronze cylindrical 'T' shape with a diameter of 50 mm! Its weight and density - over 10 kg - are impressive. The base of the ’T’ features the tonearm base and the centre has the bearing and platter spindle. The bar of the 'T' is used as a stabiliser. Three TPE rings isolate the chassis from the cabinet it is placed on. The build rigidity and precision are set as an example…

The hub is driven by a flat belt. It is driven by a synchronous motor that is completely separate from the structure. It is housed in a bronze housing.

Playback speed (33/45 RPM) is selected via a ring attached to the motor pulley. It is precise and efficient but impractical on this type of turntable.

The platter is meticulously built in aluminium cast iron. It is covered with a damping mat. A TPE ring on the inner edge wards off any resonance from the platter. It is actually of a diameter above 300 mm (rather 320 mm) for better inertia. The bearing is made of steel enhanced with fine grained carbon. There is a single point of contact. When in operation, it shows unprecedented silence.

This Kuzma Stabi S turntable comes with a 9-inch unipivot tonearm. The tonearm is made of one piece of aluminium. The solid brass base enables good vibration control and delivers great tonearm stability. The polished bearing point is located in a housing that generates minimum vibration and zero friction. The VTA and azimuth are perfectly adjustable. An anti-skating device is also used via a nylon thread and weight. Two counterweights are used for easy and fine adjustment of the tracking force and azimuth. Fine azimuth adjustment is achieved by moving a horizontal screw inside the main counterweight.

The high-quality cables (58pF) are 'Direct Wire' types. The same connection and solder-free cable runs from the cartridge to the RCAs.

A smoked acrylic cover protects the turntable's platter and tonearm. It comes as standard, which is quite unusual!

It is very easy to operate and requires no specific skills! The cartridge setting up is also easy. We recommend an MC cartridge (if possible) and medium compliance 10 and 18). From the opening bars, we can tell that the manufacturer opted for a neutral sonic performance rather than an expressive one. It displays a very natural sound quality. If you're looking for a punchy and colourful turntable … then you'll need to keep looking! The bass is well articulated and textured. Without any 'dryness' it does not show any over-vibrancy. Double bass and cello fans will enjoy the quality and subtlety of this register. The mids are rich and full-bodied, though not upfront like with some British models. It is perfectly consistent as a whole, which is definitely due to the perfect tonearm/turntable combo. The dynamics and physical side of the music are preserved, with no harshness or dullness. With all musical styles, this Stabi S has displayed a great balance and flawless musicality!

Kuzma's entry-level model is quite impressive! It is a true rival and alternative to British, German and Austrian products. The build quality is impressive and the sound quality does justice to Mr Franck Kuzma's efforts! We highly recommended it!





Stabi S turntable

Principle: rigid turntable
Drive principle: belt
Speed: 33 rpm and 45 rpm
Speed change: manual
Plinth: bronze
Platter weight: 4 kg
Platter materials: solid aluminium
Spindle diameter: 10 mm
VTA: adjustable
Motor: AC synchronous
Dimensions: 40 x 30 x 17 cm
Weight: 13 kg
Dustcover: supplied (only with the version with 9 inches tonearm)
Option: Clamp


Bras Stogi S

Principle: unipivot
Effective length: 229 mm
Mounting distance: 212 mm
Effective weight: 11 g
Tube: aluminium
Base: bronze
Total weight: 690 g
VTA adjustment: yes
Azimuth adjustment: yes
Max. cartridge weight: 15 g
Tonearm wiring: litz copper
Tonearm lifter: yes
Antiskating: yes

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Kuzma STABI S turntable

Kuzma STABI S turntable

Manual turntable
Bronze finish
Separate motor
Unipivot tonearm
Cartridge not included

Available in two versions:
- With 9 inches tonearm and dustcover included
- With 12 inches tonearm and dustcover not included

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