Air Tight PC-1 Hi-Fi cartridge

High-end moving coil cartridge

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Manufacturer : AIR TIGHT

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This Air Tight PC-1 cartridge is a record lover's holy grail… As far as we know, there are only two or three competitors on the market! The Japanese manufacturer has devoted its expertise and technology without any price considerations for this cartridge. It is the result of many years of research by firm Matsudaira-san and particularly by the late Y.Matsudaira, who was the main creator of legendary products such as Koetsu and Miyabi moving coils.

The PC-1 uses a new core and coil windings with a material called SH-uX. It generates a very intense magnetic field that dramatically reduces the noise and colouration while significantly increasing the resolution and precision. The magnets are made of neodymium, this powerful alloy creates a strong magnetic field and a vivid sound quality. The stylus is cut to a complex profile known as 'semi line contact', allowing for optimum contact with the groove and an amazing traceability. It is mounted onto a high purity boron cantilever making it extremely rigid and allowing for best signal transmission by eliminating unwanted resonance. Due to its rectangular shape with perfectly parallel edges, it is very easy to mount and align it perfectly with the protractor. After all these precautionary measures and even if the results are amazing as soon as the stylus traces the groove, it takes about a dozen hours for it to be totally open.

And now....Let the music play! From the opening bars it takes us to another planet! Or at least to another world! We have rarely - if not never - heard such musicality and balance! The sound is both in place and well articulated, with a stunning level of detail. The noise level and distortion are very low and the surface noises are nowhere to be heard. The timbre is a benchmark, with mind-blowing authenticity. In short, the treble is beautiful, as is the bass, the mids are amazing, the dynamics and transitory response are stunning and are a benchmark! This PC-1 is the very proof that no source can to date dethrone the record on many accounts and specifically musicality. We know that it is quite expensive, but paired with a good turntable, we can work on a budget that is way below the price of main high-end CD players, which can't match in terms of music!... A benchmark!


Output: 0.60 mV

Channel separation: < 0.5 dB

Stylus: Semi-Line contact

Cantilever: Boron

Magnets: Neodymium

Core: SH-UX

Weight: 12 g

Tracking force: 2-2.2 g

Frequency response: 10 Hz-50 KHz

Internal impedance: 2.5 Ohms

Load: 30-100 Ohms

Connectors: Polished rhodium

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Air Tight PC-1 Hi-Fi cartridge

Air Tight PC-1 Hi-Fi cartridge

High-end moving coil cartridge

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