Clearaudio Concept MC cartridge

MC cartridge

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Manufacturer : CLEARAUDIO

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The Concept MC cartridge designed for the manufacturer's entry-level turntable range encompasses a high level of expertise within a tight budget. It is manufactured using the best materials, namely OFC copper coils, boron cantilever, Fine Line stylus, to name only a few. Its body is crafted in an aluminium and magnesium alloy with a ceramic layer on the surface. Its weight and compliance make is compatible with most commercially-available good quality tonearms, as well as its output level and impedance that will have no compatibility issues with good quality MC phono preamplifiers. Playback is very detailed, rhythmic and very precise.


Moving coil: MC

Stylus: Micro line

Coil wire: OFC copper

Compliance: 9/9 U/nm

Tracking force: 1.8/2.2g

Output: 0.42 mV

Impedance: 11 Ohms

Body: Aluminium/Magnesium ceramic surface

Frequency response: 20 Hz/20 KHz

Cantilever: Boron

Weight: 8 g

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Clearaudio Concept MC cartridge

Clearaudio Concept MC cartridge

MC cartridge

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